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Typing Test
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This is where Computer Science meets Sports Science. Test your typing speed and typing skills and get your results analysed in depth and sent to you immediately by e-mail every time you do a test.

We report on Words Per Minute, Accuracy, Average Typing Speed, Number of Characters typed, and analyse by key, finger, hand and keyboard row and bogey words. We even report on Split times, as though you were in an athlete in training! We give you your Elapsed Time (Time spent typing), your Words Per Minute and your Accuracy for each 50%, 25% and 10% period of your test and graph the results. We also send a Cumulative report which lists all the tests that you took today and shows graphs your Accuracy throughout the day.

With your free User Account you stay in control. You choose when to receive your report e-mails or not at all, and what content you want to see.

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Typing Tutor
Language Tutor

Try for free and if you want to do more it's only $4.99 + tax for a month to learn to type in a single language

If you want to learn to type or you want to start to learn a language then use our Typing and Language Tutorials.

We use three levels of learning. Single letters, short phrases and then longer texts.

You'll be typing with all your fingers before you know it. Users often make a breath-taking improvement within the first ten minutes and can type the Home Keys in Level 1 -asdfjkl; - without looking at the keyboard.

And every time you finish a typing session - you choose when to stop - we'll automatically e-mail you stunning analytical reports which show your strengths and weaknesses and recommend what you need to practice more.

You'll get Session Reports and then Daily, Weekly and End of Subscription Period Reports sent to you automatically.

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Typing Analytics

What is the world's worst typing finger?

This is the place to visit to see pages of authoritative in-depth analysis based on our database of every keypress made by all of our users and all of our products.

We are constantly working with our data to develop ever better methods to teach our users how to type better and for those who want to, to start to learn a language too.

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