"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.13 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Monday 5th July 2021  23:03 BST

What an absolute storming start to Monthly £30 Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.13  With new text, zhangerbanger scored a massive 110 WPM with 95.7% accuracy in just 1 Attempt.  We just might see the 100 WPM/ 100% accuracy wall smashed this month by zhangerbanger, which would make him the Fastest Typist in the World over 500 words (2,500 keystrokes).  We're right behind you zhangerbanger, let's see if you can do it for the first time since the awesome PicklePower in 2020 - (he did it three times).

And let's see who else steps up to the plate.  This is perhaps the toughest typing test on the Internet, but that's why the fastest typists in the world enter our competitions, they love the challenge, and the chance of cash prizes.  There are no computer algorithms to compensate for mis-keying, our scoreboards reflect the actual score, and some of the scores are phenomenal, just look at our Fastest Typists in the World List.

And let's not forget Big Xiao, who has turned in an opening score of a solid 50 WPM but with a disappointing 89.27% accuracy.  Still, there are 26 days to go, certainly enough time to improve on that score.

Update Thursday 8th July 2021  15:53 BST

Well, zhangerbanger isn't the only shark in the tank!  We give a very warm welcome back to Anna E, who enters this week's Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition with uber credentials: Anna is a Weekly Competition Hall of Famer and is ranked No.8 in the 2020 Fastest Typist in the World list.  She is also ranked No.7 on our Fast Typist Highest Earners list.  However, she hasn't yet managed to win a Monthly competition.  But,  if Anna enters a competition, as we've seen in the past, she is a pretty determined competitor.  Anna has taken top spot with a smidgen more words per minute than zhangerbanger, at 11 WPM and with 97.05% accuracy.   However, last month we saw zhangerbanger achieve 71 WPM with a perfect first-time 100% accuracy.  We look forward a good competition!

Also on the board are WayneL and Big Xiao, it's good to see you both.  WayneL has the edge at the moment with 49 WPM compared to Big Xiao's 50 but WayneL has 90.17% accuracy compared to Big Xiao's 89.27% accuracy.  It's anybody's game between these two at the moment.  

Update Tuesday 27th July 2021  09:18 BST

We knew that there would be changes at the top of the scoreboard - and we were right! That new kid on the block in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition – Deneb_Coast - is having a go at the Monthly competition and what a go it is proving to be - 1st Place!  With a good 69 WPM and 98.38% accuracy.  That's very good for a first attempt.

That's so good in fact, that our renowned AnnaE, has been pushed down to 2nd Place and is yet to reply, so watch out for a strong challenge there.

However, the ever improving, and always determined Colasss, is in 3rd Place and although Colasss has never reached dizzy height WPM figures, accuracy counts here and Colasss may shine through in the end.  It's a balancing act between speed and accuracy.  Currently with a solid 54 WPM and 96.5% accuracy with 20 Attempts, there's still four days to go before the competition closes and a good performance could take the prize.

Talking about speed, in 4th and 5th Place are two hot shot world class fast typists; imgonnalose69 and zhangerbanger.  Their scores are 113 WPM/ 96.47% and 110/ 95.7% - to all intents and purposes at this stage, there's nothing in it.

So, in the top five places we have five very determined and capable competitors, each in their own way could seize the £30 Prize and the Championship points.  You can see more about each competitor’s past performance by using the new feature that we've included recently; just click on any competitor name on any scoreboard or nameboard and a User Data page pops up.  This is also working on most of the Typing Test scoreboards too, and should be completed for every scoreboard and nameboard by the end of this week.

Not to be forgotten are our regular competitors; Liq lang, WayneL and Big Xiao, currently with 21 WPM/93.69%,  49 WPM/ 90.17% and a solid 54 WPM/ 89.69% respectively.  It should be remembered that when we have a higher prized Monthly BIG MATCH that everyone who took part, and didn’t win, will be invited to the Monthly BIG MATCH, with a WILDCARD place for the chance to win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd WILDCARD prize, so that's another reason for taking part, not just the fun of it!

So, just over four days to go, keep watching the scoreboard!

Update Thursday 29th July 2021  20:24 BST

Things are hotting up!

Deneb_Coast is taking no chances and has been busy today, achieving a slightly faster 70 WPM compared to the previous 69 WPM, and now at 99.09% accuracy compared to the previous 98.38%.  Deneb_Coast has certainly been making an effort, now with 56 Attempts.  But there is chasing pack…

Looking down the scoreboard, zhangerbanger, in only 2 Attempts to score 106 WPM and 98.73% accuracy, to gain 2nd Place and to push our Weekly Hall of Famer, AnnaE into 3rd Place – but AnnaE hasn’t been back to compete yet, and we know that she has tremendous form.

Also waiting in the wings is the fast and accurate typist, imgonnalose69, who has been close to winning the Monthly competition in the past but hasn’t quite made it but this month has a terrific 113 WPM but a disappointing 96.47% accuracy.  Our advice is to slow down a little bit for little while and build accuracy because we have other competitors who aren’t so fast, but who could carefully achieve a decent WPM score with higher accuracy.

Colasss is one such regular competitor, and there’s the returning TrickyDicky, Lig lang, WayneL and Big Xiao who are solid typists who, if they worked on their accuracy, could yet surprise everybody.  (And perhaps themselves smiley)

Two days to go. Keep checking the scoreboard!  Who will take home the £30?  (and could Deneb_Coast win both the Weekly and the Monthly competitions this weekend?  - he’s currently in 1st Place on the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Scoreboard too)

Summary Monday 2nd August 2021 17:20 BST

Well, what a turn-up.  This Monthly Competition No.13  win by zhangerbanger, and his win in in this week’s Weekly Competition No.70 makes zhangerbanger our first ever competitor to win two competitions in one week.  Well done zhangerbanger!  Your £40 in cash prize money was well earned.

This brings zhangerbanger’s total earning in the past two months to £90, Ranking him #2 on the Highest Earner’s list for 2021 and #8 All Time.  On top of that, the Monthly Competition win earned zhangerbanger the distinction of becoming a bsbltyping.com Monthly Champion, which entitles him to take part in the higher prize competitions.  And… that Weekly Competition win gave him another Championship Point in the Weekly Competition league and so he’s only one win away from becoming  a bsbltyping.com Weekly Champion too.

Zhangerbanger’s winning score in Monthly Competition No.13 was a pretty quick 94 WPM with 99.92% accuracy – oh the frustration of those one or two mis-keyings!   Deneb_Coast, who has worked hard in the competitons, was just 0.04% accuracy behind with a score of 60 WPM and 99.88% accuracy.  Just imagine, perhaps there was just one correct – or incorrect – keystroke in the difference between the two accuracies.  This was a close match! 

AnnaE didn’t return to make a challenge and finished third with a fast 111 WPM and 97.05% accuracy.  One day AnnaE will sit down at her keyboard and surprise us all. 

Colasss, as ever, made a good effort with 54 WPM and 96.5% accuracy,  we can see that Colasss has more to give, just slow down a bit more for a while, concentrate, and then your accuracy and speed will improve.  It really will.

Imgonnalose69 looked poised to make a big impression on the competition but didn’t return to respond to the challenges at the top of the board and, finishing in 5th place with a fast 113 WPM but a slightly disappointing 96.47% accuracy.  Your Highest Earnings Rankings are in danger of sinking; you are still well within the limits of what you can win at the basic level imgonnalose69. Just make that extra bit of effort and the cash can come your way too.

In 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Places we have four mid-to low 90% scores from TrickDicky, Liq lang, Ella Shah – good to see you back Ella – and WayneL with 48/95.93%, 21/93.69%, 51/92.17% and 49/90.17% respectively.

Big Xiao is supporting everyone on the scoreboard this week with a solid 54 WPM but a disappointing 89.69%.  A bit more concentration required, I think, Big Xiao.

So, with thanks to all for taking part, don’t forget that August is a BIG MATCH month, with £185 in prizes to be won – and that’s apart from the sheer fun of challenging yourself, improving, and taking part.


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