"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.15 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Wednesday 22nd September 2021  11:30 BST

Maciej61238 is in a bit of a spot.  In accordance with Rule 11, ‘A very slow winning typing speed that would be disqualified for purpose of the Monthly Competition is any speed slower than 35 WPM’, maciej’s current score of 12 WPM with 100% does not stand as a winning score, so at the moment Atwesh Pradeep with a score of just 27 WPM and 90.2% accuracy has the highest score, with just 8 days to go. 

If maciej61238 wants to win this competition he needs to return and increase his WPM score to over  35 WPM and still score 100%.  Only two competitors have managed this so far, the awesome PicklePower and the world class fast and accurate typist, kuda_lumping. Maciej is an extraordinarily talented and committed competitor, with skills still on an upward trajectory.  Let’s see if he returns and if he can pull off a successful solution to  a very difficult challenge.

So, with maiej’s score demoted to 2nd Place, and Atwesh Pradeep in 1st Place, we have Sol B in 3rd Place with a solid 53 WPM but a low 89.58%  and Mary W in 4th Place with 49 WPM and 86.46% accuracy.

There’s 8 days to go, let’s see who does what.