"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.17 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update 9th November 2021  20:43 GMT

We’re running out of superlatives here.  First of all it was Xeogran with a score of 149 WPM with an excellent 99.64% accuracy.  And that seemed to be it.  Who could challenge that? 

And then along came new competitor Sean Nalewanyj from the US who definitely has what it takes to be a Winner: skill, determination and that never-give-up attitude, we see that in the 131 Attempts. We admire that.  We extend a very warm bsbltyping com welcome to you Sean.  After gaining a foothold in the top of the scoreboard Sean is now in 1st Place with a blazing and amazing 166 WPM and a great 99.2% accuracy over the 500 words/2,500 keystrokes of the competition, pushing Xeogran into 2nd Place. That’s a well earned 1st Place for Sean.  But can he hold on to it?

Looking a little bit further down the scoreboard we have a whirlwind that’s just blasted in within the past couple of hours in the form of typos_z with a monster 180 WPM with a phenomenal 98.46% accuracy.  First of all, a very warm welcome to you typos_z, we’re very pleased to have you taking part.  We really feel for you, typo_z, that 98.46% accuracy is just 0.04% outside of the 98.5% line where all accuracy scores above that count as equal.  Have a breather and come back, maybe slow down just a tad and the cash prize could be yours.  At the moment you’re in 4th Place.

And in 3rd Place is regular competitor mithai – it’s great to see you again and please get in touch with me directly at tony@bsbltyping.com because we want to send you the prize money that you haven’t claimed.  Your score of 99.6% accuracy puts you in 3rd Place with 48 WPM.

YIHAO is back with 120 WPM and 95.48% accuracy, that’s good YIHAO, a lot higher than your 74 WPM that you won Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition with last month.  But, your accuracy is down, last month you had 100% accuracy (and please get in touch so that we can verify your scoring together and send you your cash prize).

Liq lang is in 6th place with 34 WPM and 94.5% accuracy followed by our recent competitor hgloow - welcome back hgloow - with a quick 77 WPM but just squeezing into a mid range 90 score of 93.8% accuracy to take 7th Place.

In 8th Place is the talented Maciej61238 with a fast 155 WPM but let down by just 93.76 % accuracy. We’re looking forward to you coming back and mounting a challenge to the top places.

WayneL takes 9th Place with 37 WPM and 95.52 % accuracy with Charlie W in 10th Place scoring 55 WPM/88.72% accuracy.

Supporting everyone on the scoreboard at the moment is Sol B with a solid 59 WPM but a bit of a messy 85.46% accuracy, but that’s in only 2 attempts so maybe if Sol B returns to try again this can be improved on.

Update Sunday 14th November 2021  09:16 GMT

With nearly half way through the month and what a month it’s been.  Have you seen the to-ing and fro-ing at the top of the scoreboard?  The ebb and flow of the Battle of Titans for first place between typos_z and Xeogran.  And just look at the state of play between them now:

1st Place  Xeogran 186 WPM 928 KPM  98.61 % Accuracy  recorded  on Tuesday 9th November 2021  21:552:21

2nd Place typos_z 186 WPM 928 KPM 98.81% Accuracy recorded on Friday 12th November 2021 16:35:52

There is hardly anything between them long standing competitors might be asking why typos_z isn’t in first place because his accuracy at 98.81% is higher than Xeogran’s 98.61%? 

This is an important point so here’s the explanation.  As a result of competitor feedback we changed the Accuracy Rule and this takes effect from this month’s competition, November 2021 (Rule 8).  This was so that fast typists who made a small number of mis-keyings would not lose out to a competitor who might have achieved a far lower WPM score but had a higher accuracy score.

Previously it was the highest accuracy score that would be the deciding factor in the case of  WPM scores being the same; the score with the highest accuracy would win.  However, the new Accuracy Rule states that accuracy is still the deciding factor in ranking scores below 98.5% accuracy but scores of 98.5% and higher are all ranked the same.  This means that an accuracy score now, of, say, 98.50%  is ranked the same as an accuracy score 100%.

In the current situation between Xeogran and typos_z both of their accuracy scores are equal to or higher than 98.5% and are therefore ranked equal.  Their Word Per Minute and Keystroke Per Minute scores are identical.  We therefore look to Rule 11 for a deciding factor and that deciding factor is the date and time of the score: the earliest recorded score wins and as the scoreboard for Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Shows, it is Xeogran who has the earlier of the two identical scores.

Is the matter decided between typos_z and Xeogran?  Do you think that typos_z will let it go?  Or will he fight back?  There’s sixteen days to go, any thing can happen!

Don’t forget, if you qualify for a Wildcard place in the Weekly Champions £100 Big Match that starts at 8pm tonight, Sunday 14th November 2021, go and Register.  There’s a £40 Prize for 1st Place, £20 2nd Place and £10 3rd Place.  Check your spam or junk folder for your invitation e-mail and register now.

If you haven’t received an invitation and if you qualify then e-mail me directly – tony@bsbltyping.com – and I’ll make sure that you get one.  You qualify for a Wildcard place if you have taken part in at least one Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition but you didn’t win.  Simple.  And in January there’s the Weekly Famers £200 Big Match coming up , with £80, £40 and £20 Wildcard 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes.  Keep competing and build up those Championship Points to become a Champion and Hall of Famer and you'll get a permanent invitation to the Big Matches where the bigger prizes are.

Update Wednesday 24th November 2021  10:59 GMT

Well, it’s been pretty static at the top of the scoreboard for a week or so now, with the mighty Xeogran and that typing tornado called typos_z metaphorically staring at each other in the top two places.  Xeogran has an absolutely epic score of 191 WPM with a close-to-perfect accuracy of 99.16%.  Do remember that this is for 500 words, 2,500 keystrokes, it’s amazing accuracy, stunning speed, and this put Xeogran in 1st Place.

Just a whisker behind and in 2nd Place is typos_z with 186 WPM and 98.61% accuracy.  Now, bearing in mind that all scores of 98.5% and over rank as equal, just maybe we’ll see typos_z back to up his score and take that £30 1st Prize.  Let’s see.

In 3rd Place at the moment is Sean Nalewanyj who has made a very impressive 300 Attempts in this competition so far to achieve a brilliant 166 WPM with 99.2% accuracy.  Under any other circumstances this would have been a winning score, but you’ll have to achieve a personal bsbltyping.com best to get that top spot this month.  We wish you well.

mithai never gives up, never gives in ( and we don’t either, please get in touch about your prize money payment, we want to send it to you for winning the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.79).  Your current score is a 48 WPM with a high accuracy 99.6% to give you 4th Place.

Davido1322o is in 5th Place because that 97.5% accuracy doesn’t get your 86 WPM placed above mithai’s 48 WPM.  Please come back and try again, slow down a little bit and your accuracy will come, we’re sure.

Maciej61238 is in 6th Place currently, with a flying 153 WPM but he needs to do some work to improve that accuracy of 96.81% to move up the scoreboard.  Maciej is fresh from his success in the Weekly Champions £100 Big Match in which he won, taking home the £100 cash prize.  You can see a video of his winning entry here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibb-6GjgtYo&t=36s

YIHAO is a fast and accurate typist, there’s no doubt of that. With only 5 Attempts so far he’s in 7th Place with a fast 120 WPM and 95.48% accuracy.  Let’s see if he returns and improves on this.

Liq lang has managed to get a higher place than the very talented AnnaE – and we say welcome back, it’s very nice to see you again AnnaE.  We were pleased to see you do well in the Weekly Champions £100 Big Match.  (Anna, please check your e-mails – we sent you a £5 Amazon Voucher for your support for our Weekly Winners £50 Big Match No.2 and a £10 Amazon Voucher for Weekly Champions £100 Big Match No. 1, but the status of these is showing in our Amazon account as ‘Sent’ and not ‘Received’. Please contact tony@bsbltyping.com if you can’t find them in your inbox and we’ll find a solution to get the vouchers to you).  Liq lang has 34 WPM and 94.5% accuracy and AnnaE has a terrific 127 WPM but with a smidgen less accuracy at 94.49%.  AnnaE might well return to fix this.

We say hello again to hgloow who is in 10th Place with 77 WPM and 93.8% accuracy.  That’s pretty good over 500 words… but… you need to improve that accuracy.  Slow down for a while and the accuracy will definitely come hgloow.

Wayne L is in 11th Place with 37 WPM/ 95.52% accuracy, followed in 12th Place by Charlie W who hasn’t quite managed to get into the 90s accuracy, having achieved 55 WPM and 88.72% accuracy. 

Supporting everyone on the scoreboard at the moment is Sol B with 59 WPM and 85.46% accuracy but that’s with only 2 Attempts.

There’s still nearly a week to go so the £30 cash prize is up for grabs, but it’s not to be an easy grab. 

But who knows who is yet to appear?  And will typos_z make a return and challenge Xeogran?  Keep watching the scoreboard!

Update Tuesday 30th December 2021  09:51 GMT

It’s the final day of this month’s Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition and we’re still in near-deadlock in 1st and 2nd Places on the scoreboard.  Just look at those scores – Xeogran with an amazing, stunning 191 WPM with 99.16% accuracy in 1st Place and typos_z just a heartbeat behind with a staggering 186 WPM and 98.61% accuracy. 

This has a been an amazing battle, just look back through the commentary to the Sunday 14th November 2021 Update.  At that time Xeogran and typos_z were tied at 186 WPM (!) with the smallest of difference between their accuracy figures.  This is like two stars colliding, you couldn’t make it up.  What a race.

The rest of the competitors are in about the same positions but do come back and see if you can improve your placing, or maybe typos_z will come back and see if he can take that top spot, and the £30 cash prize.  It would be worth a bit of effort to win that.

And, just to let you know, at 8pm tonight, Tuesday, we’re starting our first ever Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition – some news about it here Daily£5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition

We’re running it on just one day a week, Wednesday, to begin with.  If it attracts a lot of competitors we may add further days, so if you support it, we’ll have more of them.  It’s a 15 Second Burst Speed competition and the competition text randomises each time, so every entry that you make will be a bit different from previous ones. Some will be a bit easier, or harder, than others, so keep trying!

And please take a look at our Facebook page and don't forget to Like and Follow. Thanks!  https://www.facebook.com/bsbltyping

 A final thought, if anyone is going to be smashing records, think about recording it and putting the video online.  People like to see people typing fast, especially where there’s a cash prize involved