"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.20 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Monday 7th February 2022 16:28

Regular competitor and multiple bsbltyping winner YIHAO has laid down an early marker score of a world class 100 WPM with 98.77% accuracy to take 1st Place.  It’s early in the competition yet but that’s a pretty good starting point smiley

Hard working Haider Azam is in 2nd Place with 52 WPM and a good 98.06% accuracy after only 11 attempts.  That’s a personal WPM best for Haider; in Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No. 18 he achieved 46 WPM with 98.77% accuracy.

Kavitha appam is a typing dynamo and in 33 Attempts is in 3rd Place with a solid score of 56 WPM and 92.9% accuracy.  Keep at it kavitha, you'll get better week by week, month by month.

Wayne L and Dreadnought currently occupy 4th and 5th Places with 59/92.48% and 64/91.64% accuracy respectively. 

Dindondoe is lurking in 6th Place with a massive 147 WPM but a disappointing 90.87% accuracy so unless and until he improves his accuracy score he’s not going to get a top spot.

Olive1254 is new to our Monthly £30 Prize Competition.  Hello and a very warm welcome to our Monthly competitions Olive1254.  We see that you have a good turn of speed, 80 WPM is a very effective and efficient typing speed, but you need to slow down just a little bit in order to improve your accuracy.  If you do that, and achieve 98.5% or higher accuracy then at that point all such scores rank the same  (so 98.5% ranks the same as 100% accuracy) and you can really move up scoreboard.  For the moment though, your personal best in this 500 words competition is your current score of 80 WPM and 90.64% accuracy and you are currently in 7th Place.

Update Tuesday 15th February 2022 14:14 GMT

As we pass the halfway mark of the month we see that the top two places on the scoreboard are still occupied by YIHAO and Haider Azam but in 3rd Place we see the welcome return of Silus from the UK with a pretty good 91 WPM and 96.59% accuracy.  That puts Silus close to striking distance of 1st Place and that handy thirty quid first prize. Silus has made only 4 Attempts and there’s two weeks to go, so if Silus returns – which we hope he does – he may be able to practice enough to increase his accuracy to that important threshold of 98.5% or higher at which all accuracy scores rank equal.  He may then be in with a shout of 1st Place.  We’ll see.

And ‘we’ll see’ because Ava Pickup from Australia, who we’ve not seen since Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.30 has returned to bsbltyping competition and has scored an impressive, world class 103 WPM but with a lowish 95.7% accuracy. Hello and welcome back Ava PickupThings have a changed a little since you last competed.  We now have a rule that states that if you score 98.5% or higher accuracy then all scores rank equal.  So, if you can manage to maintain – or improve your 103 WPM score and improve your accuracy to 98.5% or higher, you would take the current top spot.  Maybe you can come back and make more attempts and you can win our monthly £30.

Kavitha appam is working hard again, 183 Attempts so far and a score of 56 WPM and 92.9% accuracy over the 2,500 keystrokes required in this competition.  It’s a touch challenge, but the more you type, the better you get.  But you have to think about what you’re typing and that often means that you need to slow down to get the accuracy until the time comes when your fingers can do the thinking for themselves.  But, slow down a little bit.

WayneL is in 6th Place followed by Dreadnought in 7th Place with 59 and 64 WPM and 92.48 %and 91.64% respectively.

Lurking close to the bottom but with real fast typing pedigree and a record of wins in our Daily and Competitions is dindondoe.  His 147 WPM is truly awesome but that 90.87% accuracy is disappointing and won’t win a bsbltyping typing competition.  Come back dindondoe and see if you can win a Monthly Competition too, and take home that useful £30 cash prize.

Supporting everyone on the scoreboard at the moment is  Olive1254 with very good 80 WPM in this challenging 500 word competition, but just 90.64% accuracy.  We know that you have greater speed Olive1254 and we’re pretty certain that if you made more Attempts, and slow down just a little bit, just for a while, and really think about what you are typing, you’ll improve a lot.

So, there’s nearly two weeks to go.  Plenty of time to come back and improve your scores – and to see who else has come along and who has moved up or down the scoreboard, so keep checking.

Update Wednesday 16th February 2022   14:12 GMT

This is to keep everyone alert to Ava Pickup’s progressAva’s score has increased to 108 WPM and 97.86% accuracy after 52 Attempts and is nudging Haider Azam in 2nd Place.  Haider has the advantage – at the moment – of higher accuracy, and so his 64 WPM with 98.69% accuracy keeps him above Ava.

Please remember that bsbltyping competitions place great weight on accuracy, and it’s only when scores are 98.5% or higher accuracy that they rank the same.  To move further up the scoreboard Ava Pickup has to score 98.5% or higher.

Update Thursday 24th February 2022  12:52 GMT

YIHAO is at the top of the scoreboard again with a world class 101 WPM and 98.77% accuracy.  That’s very good again YIHAO and  a well earned 1st Place, with just four days to go. Let’s see if he can hold the top spot.

It might not be easy though.  As we look down the scoreboard we see that a number of competitors are within striking range:  Ava Pickup in 3rd Place has a fast 108 WPM and only needs a small improvement on her 97.86% accuracy to take 1st Place and possibly that Monthly £30 Cash Prize.

Silus, in 4th Place, with 91 WPM and 96.595 accuracy isn’t too far behind either, and davido1322o is a fast typist too, in 6th Place with 92 WPM but a currently disappointing 92.85% accuracy.  Maybe these two competitors could mount a challenge – certainly a race between other.

And further down the scoreboard, in 9th Place, is dindondoe, with a super-quick 147 WPM – that’s Sprint Speed, it’s blazingly quick – but accuracy of just 90.87% needs attention (and the easiest fix is to slow down a bit dindondoe, you’ve got plenty of margin there to slow and still take 1st Place).

And in 10th Place is Oive1254 with a solid 80 WPM and 90.64 % accuracy.   Keep taking part Olive, we can see from your user data that you have more gas in the tank.

Haider Azam, a regular bsbltyping competitor, is improving all the time, and certainly here in the Monthly competition where his Previous Personal Best was just 46 WPM with 98.77% accuracy, his performance has increased here to an impressive 64 WPM with a terrific 98.69% accuracy to get to 2nd Place.  Well done Haider.

In 5th Place is kavitha appam who has been working really hard to achieve a very solid 56 WPM with 92.9% accuracy in an amazing 221 Attempts.  Yes, Kavitha, we see that you need to improve your accuracy, so just slow down for a while, and that increase in accuracy will come.

Wayne L is in 7th Place with a solid 59WPM and 92.48% accuracy and Dreadnought is in 8th Place with a good 64 WPM but a disappointing 91.64% accuracy.  Please come back and make some more Attempts.  Practice makes perfect

There’s four days to go, anything can happen, and often does!  Keep watching the scoreboard.

Update Monday 28th February 2022  12:01 GMT

Well, we’ve certainly seen some action on the Monthly£30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition scoreboard.  Overnight (from our point of view at our base in Blackpool, in the UK) we saw some strong fast typing activity from MoizHussain17 who took 1st Place from pole-position-sitter YIHAO.  Then this morning we saw a fantastic fight back from YIHAO who has matched his Personal Best words per minute speed of 121 WPM which he achieved in a Weekly competition – No.85 – in this  Monthly competition.  The two challenges are quite different but this is quite an achievement and shows how much progress YIHAO has made with his constant entries to our bsbltyping competitions and typing tests.  Well done to YIHAO, that’s a very good achievement, and well done to MoizHussain17. It’s taken YIHAO 151 Attempts to take back that 1st Place from you.  Do you have an extra 10% WPM to take it back?  Let’s see…

Haider Azam is in a good 3rd Place and improving each month, and in 4th Place is last week’s Weekly competition, the fast fingers Ava Pickup with a very good 108 WPM which looked for some days to be a score that could challenge for 1st Place but Ava has re-appeared.  Let’s see if she comes back to see if she can take home the £30 Cash Prize.

Silus, in 5th Place, also looked to have a chance earlier in the week but may now be out of contention.  It would take a big leap in performance to get that 1st Place this month, but maybe you could enjoy the challenge of trying.

Kavitha appam tried very hard at the beginning of the month with an impressive 221 Attempts but we’ve not seen her lately.  Maybe today she’ll come back for one last try.

Davido1322o is fast.  In just 5 Attempts davido1322o achieved 92 WPM and we guess that there is more to come.

WayneL and Dreadnought are in 8th and 9th Places with 59/92.48% and 64WPM and 91.64% respectively.  These are good speeds for normal typing work but both need practice and lessons to become competitive.

In 10th Place is the proven competitor, dindondoe, a previous Daily and Weekly Competition Winner, but not yet a Monthly Competition Winner.  Dindondoe currently has the speed that could with this month’s £30 Cash but he needs to come back and make more Attempts.  With a fast 147 WPM he could win, but he needs to improve his 90.87% accuracy to that magic threshold of 98.5% or higher to get to 1st Place.

Olive 1254 has made a good return to competition with the very solid 80WPM and 90.64% accuracy in only 2 Attempts.  Who knows what Olive1254 could achieve with more Attempts.

There’s just 7 hours to go.  Keep watching the scoreboard.  There’s plenty of time left for things to change.

Don’t forget that the Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competion starts at 8pm on Tuesday night and closes at 8pm on Wednesday night.  And if you want to try a One Minute Competition, try the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition which runs until 8pm Sunday evening each week.

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 A final thought, if anyone is going to be smashing records, think about recording it and putting the video online.  People like to see people typing fast, especially where there’s a cash prize involved smiley