"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.21 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Monday 21st March 2022 07:53 GMT

The month of March is flashing past.  We’re at the two-thirds stage and we’ve got our new lightning fast competitor from the US, lightingtypist, sitting in 1st Place with a very good 116 WPM with 99.12% accuracy.  When you look at the Monthly Winners Nameboard you can see that this is in the upper half of the winning scores.  It’s  fast and accurate typing.

Jennifer is in 2nd Place with a New Personal Best score of 92 WPM and 98.49% accuracy.  It’s only a matter of time before Jennifer breaks through the 100 WPM barrier in this competition,  she’s achieved a cracking 140 WPM in the Daily Competition and we feel that it won’t be long before she’s smashed the 100 WPM barrier in the Weekly Competition.

Haider Azam is in 3rd Place so far this month with 66 WPM and 98.22% accuracy.  His Previous Personal Best was in Competition No.18 with just 46 WPM but with 98.77% accuracy.  Haider needs to get an accuracy of 98.5% or higher to get that New Personal Best.  We look forward to achieving this Haider, we know that you can smiley

Davido1322o is a fast typist and has been in the running for a win in one of our Cash Prize competitions a few times but he’s not quite made it yet but we feel that one day, with more practice and more Attempts his name will be on the Winners Nameboards and cash will be in his bank.   Davido1322o has, however, won £10 in a Wildcard competition so he’s made it to the Highest Earners list.  Davido1322o is currently in 4th Place with a solid 81 WPM wand 97.59% accuracy.

Weekly Winner Moiz Hussain is talented; he has speed and accuracy.  His current 106 WPM is world class speed but it needs to be complimented by good accuracy and his current accuracy score of 95.81% is keeping him down the scoreboard in 5th Place.  We’re sure that if Moiz makes more Attempts and improves his accuracy he’ll move up the scoreboard fast.

We’ve not seen Abbey in a monthly competition for some time, in fact it was in Monthly Competition No.6 that Abbey last took part, with a score of 51 WPM and 78.29% accuracy.  This month, Abbey is 6th Place with a New Personal Best of 53 WPM and 90.75%.  Welcome back and well done.

Supporting everyone on the scoreboard at the moment is Jack Garton in 7th Place with a solid 56 WPM and 87.79% accuracy. 

Update Wednesday 30th March 2022   17:22 BST

There’s just over a day to go before the March Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition ends at 8pm BST tomorrow night. 

It’s neck and neck at the top of the scoreboard.  That fast typist from Pakistan, Moiz Hussain, made a determined challenge on lightningtypist who was in 1st Place and has deposed him by the small margin of just 1 WPM!  Moiz has 117 WPM with 98.73% accuracy and lightningtypist in 2nd Place has 116 WPM with 99.12% accuracy.  Where the rules state that all accuracy scores of 98.5% and over rank equal, it’s Moiz who has 1st Place

Jennifer was looking good in 2nd Place but Moiz’s appearance has pushed her down to 3rd Place.  We know that Jennifer is quick in the Daily £5  Competition, having won Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.15 with a cracking 140 WPM and 100% accuracy, giving her a World Ranking #6 in the 15 Second Burst Speed category.  Can she translate that speed and accuracy to the Monthly Competition and win the Thirty Quid?  There’s one day to go for her to come back and make some more Attempts.  It could be an hour well spent if she can do it.

Haider Azam keeps plugging away and so far is in 4th Place (good) with 66 WPM and 98.22% accuracy in just 4 Attempts.  We feel sure that Haider will be back to try to improve on his Previous Personal Best.

Davido1322o from Singapore is fast and could move up the scoreboard if he can reach 98.5% or higher accuracy.  He too, has so far only made 4 Attempts to gain 5th Place so far.

In 6th Place is Abbey with 53 WPM and 90.75% accuracy which gives her a New Personal Best.  Well done Abbey, and in 7th Place is Jack Garton with 56 WPM and 87.79% accuracy.  If Jack comes back and more Attempts he could well get a New Personal Best.

Remember, it’s not over until it’s over!  It looks like there’s going to be some to-ing and fro-ing in and out of 1st Place if lightningtypist and Moiz dispute the top spot – and having spoken to both of them, they both seem to be made of the stuff of Winners, so expect some action here.

And, for action over the next couple of hours, go to the Daily £5 Prize competition which only has a couple of hours to run.  Dindondoe from India is in 1st Place with 163 WPM with lightningtypist and Moiz Hussain in 2nd and 3rd Places with 154 and 150 WPM.  They both have Previous Personal Bests below dindondoe’s score, but competitions are all about the ‘captain’s innings’, that special effort, that special turn of circumstance and effort that produces a New Personal Best that sets a record.  Let’s see.

Summary  Thursday 31st March 2022  22:11 BST

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.21 ended with our recent new fast typist from the USA, lightningtypist, continuing on a well earned winning streak of our Cash Prize Competitions.  In a short space of time lightningtypist has won the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Competitions.  Well done to you lightningtypist.  Your score 1st Place score of 124 WPM with 99.21% first-time accuracy over 2,500 keystrokes is a very good achievement.  It shows a quick mind and excellent hand-eye co-ordination and tremendous concentration. 

Following not far behind is Moiz Hussain from Pakistan.  Maybe the time difference between the US and Pakistan didn’t help Moiz because the 8pm finishing time of the competition is midnight is Pakistan but mid afternoon in the USA, making a fightback at finishing time a bit of a late night thing.  Anyway, that aside, Moiz was challenging lightningtypist earlier in the week but he finished a good second with 117 WPM and 98.73% accuracy.

Jennifer made some entries earlier in the month, scoring a good, quick and accurate 92 WPM with 98.49% accuracy, but she didn’t return after that, which is a pity, because it’s such a good score and shows that she’s not far of breaking the 100 WPM barrier over this length of text, 500 words.  Jennifer finished in 3rd Place.

Haider Azam only made 4 Attempts but scored a solid 66 WPM with 98.22% accuracy for 4th Place and davido1322o scored a fast 81 WPM with 97.59% accuracy.  A good score and that puts davido1322o in 5th Place. 

Abbey and Jack Garton make up the current 6th and 7th Places with 53/90.75% and 56/87.79% accuracy respectively.  Solid scores, but a bit more attention to accuracy would move them both up the list.  When you score 98.5% or higher, then that ranks the same as 100%, so it’s accelerates you up the scoreboard.

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 A final thought, if anyone is going to be smashing records, think about recording it and putting the video online.  People like to see people typing fast, especially where there’s a cash prize involved smiley