"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.26 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Monthly £30 Fastest Typist Competition No.26

Update 16th August 2022  12:22 BST

We see that mithai is at the top of the scoreboard, in 1st Place.  mithai hasn’t had a first place since winning the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.79, quite some time ago so we’re pleased to see you on what is perhaps a new winning streak  (please get in touch mithai, we have prize money to send to you.  For some reason we didn’t see your e-mail with your payment details and we need to confirm them with you so please e-mail weeklyprizecompetition@bsbltyping.com and we’ll get it sorted out for you).  Your current score in the Monthly £30 competition is a solid 52 WPM with 99.08% accuracy.  We know how hard that is to do.

Martynovic, a fast typist, is in 2nd Place with a very quick – over 500 words – 108 WPM but is down on accuracy at 94.1%.  That’s not bad, but to get a chance of winning this month you’ll need to get an accuracy of 98.5%  or higher so that your accuracy is equal to mithai’s, and since you’re faster, you’ll take first place.  You’ve only made 2 Attempts and we’re just half way through the month so you’ve got time yet.  Take a piece of advice Martynovic – slow down just a little bit, concentrate on each word and get the accuracy right and you’ll find that you’ll move up the scoreboard and you won’t lose much speed by taking just a little bit more care. 

TrickyDicky is in 3rd Place with a solid 51 WPM and 92.46% accuracy followed by  multiple competition winner LucyyyG.  LucyyyG’s first Attempt this month is a score of 95 WPM with 89.83% accuracy, a long way down from last Month’s New Personal Best score of 156 WPM with 100% accuracy.  (By the way, please get in touch LucyyyG, thanks).

Monthly £30 Prize Competition No.26  

Update Thursday 18th August 2022  16:40 BST

We’re just over half way through the month and mithai, from India, is still in 1st Place with 52 WPM and a good 99.08% accuracy mithai is close to that Previous Personal Best of 53 WPM and 98.85% which was established in Competition No.18.  Let’s see if mithai returns to try to beat that and establish a New Personal Best.

There’s no change in other places and Marynovic is still poised to make a challenge for the top spot, as is LucyyyyG, a past Winner and a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s see what happens.

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.26

Update Monday 29th August 2022 19.31 BST

We certainly have a Champions performance at the top of the scoreboard:  119 WPM with a near-near perfect accuracy of 99.12% over 500 Words (2,500 keystrokes) is an amazing achievement by YIHAO, our 2021 Fastest Typist in Malaysia over 1 Minute and 500 WordsYIHAO is currently in 1st Place but he’s not safe yet, there’s two days to go and there are some players on the board who could well mount a challenge.

Moiz Hussain from Pakistan is currently in 5th Place with 114 WPM but he’s not reached the 98.5% or over threshold where all accuracy scores are ranked as equal for scoreboard purposes.  Moiz also has a Previous Personal Best of 117 WPM with 98.73% accuracy.  Looking further down the scoreboard is Martynovic from the UK who, in only 2 Attempts, has scored a cracking 108 WPM with 94.1% accuracy.  Just imagine what Martynovic might achieve in a full-on session of multiple Attempts.

And in 8th Place at the moment is the previously ultra-fast LucyyyyG, also from the UK, with just 95 WPM and 89.83% accuracy at the moment, but a faster record than that.

Looking at others on the scoreboard, BlowZed from the US in 2nd Place is new to bsbltyping and is clearly fast, how fast we don’t yet fully know because we see only 9 Attempts, but the signs are that with 91 WPM and 98.89% first-time accuracy, BlowZed has the makings of a future Winner.

3rd Place is currently occupied by Haider Azam from Pakistan, our ever improving and hard-working competitor with 87 WPM and 98.89% first time accuracy.  Superb typing over 500 Words, as is that of our other players.

Mithai from India hasn’t quite achieved that trademark 100% accuracy but 99.08% isn’t far off and that 52 WPM is a solid score.

And that just leaves TrickyDicky from the UK who, for now, in just 5 Attempts, has a solid 51 WPM but a not so solid 92.46 % first-time accuracy.  Come back and try again and see if you can beat your Previous Personal Best TrickyDicky.

So, two days to go.  Is YIHAO going to win again, or will someone take that 1st Place position and the £30 Cash Prize?  Let’s see what happens.

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.26

Update Tuesday 30th August 2022  13:10 BST

Wow!  Xeogran from Poland is back and he’s stormed into 1st Place with a stunning 160 WPM and 99.04%  first-time accuracy.  It’s nice to see you back Xeogran and we’re glad that you received your trophy for being the 2021 Fastest Typist in the World over 500 Words. 

The image is of the bsbltyping 2021 Trophy for the Fastest Typist in the World over 500 words and it was won by Xeogran.  It is a tall crystal trophy with a star on the top and an engraved panel

At the moment the current 2022 Fastest Typist in the World is shaz with 175 WPM so if you want the 2022 Fastest Typist in the World over 500 Words trophy it looks like you’ll need to come back and make some more attempts smiley

The rest of the scoreboard is much the same, except that everyone has been moved down one place.  But, don’t let that put you off coming back and trying to move up the scoreboard and beat your own Previous Personal Best. 

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.26

Update Wednesday 31st August 2022  13:56 BST

Well, there’s just over 6 hours to go and Moiz Hussain is making a determined effort to move up the scoreboard.  His current high score over 500 words of fast typing is an impressive 126 WPM with 98.06% accuracy.  However, that accuracy score doesn’t pass the 98.5% or over threshold and so he’s down in 6th Place but with just a fraction of a percent of accuracy he could pass YIHAO and take 2nd Place.  Moiz has so far made 254 Attempts – well done Moiz.  Can he do more and take that 2nd Place and set a New Personal Best?  Let’s see.

And LucyyyyG.  You’ve scored highly before. Please do get in touch about your prize money payment.  Thanks.

Weekly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.26

Summary Friday 2nd September 2022  12:05 BST

Thanks to everyone for taking part.  We saw an exciting competition which included the appearance of the 2021 and All Time World’s Fastest Typist over 500 Words, Xeogran from Poland.  Xeogran blasted in and achieved a score of 160 WPM with 99.04% accuracy.  This is an impressive feat of human hand-eye co-ordination.  Well done Xeogran.

In 2nd, 3rd and 4th Places we were treated to a really good scrap between YIHAO from Malaysia, BlowZed from the US and Haider Azam from Pakistan.  It was a treat to see the effort being made by all three as the positions on the scoreboard changed and re-ordered.  Thanks for making those challenges, it was great to follow.

Lower down the scoreboard we saw Moiz Hussain from Pakistan make an heroic challenge – 260 Attempts – in which he recorded a high score of a very quick 126 WPM but, alas, he couldn’t get over the 98.5% or higher threshold and so he’s down the scoreboard in 6th Place with 98.06% accuracy.  This once again shows that the people who win bsbltyping competitions are the best, fastest and most accurate typists in the world.

All other placings remained the same and we look forward to seeing you all taking part in September’s Monthly £30 Competition.  It’s a bit trickier in September, there are more number and capital letters to test you. Give it a try and see how you get on.  If you don’t get 1st Place on the scoreboard you can try to beat your Previous Personal Best and that puts you in a different, but perhaps more important 1st Place smiley

Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.40 is under way, give it a try and see how fast you are over 15 seconds of typing.  Get yourself warmed up on the Monthly £30 and the Weekly £10 competitions and then launch yourself on the Daily £5 competition smiley

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 A final thought, if anyone is going to be smashing records, think about recording it and putting the video online.  People like to see people typing fast, especially where there’s a cash prize involved.