"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.28 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.28

Update Wednesday 5th October 2022  13:01 BST

We’ve got a new world-class speed typist visiting bsbltyping Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions.  It’s boluo from the UKboluo has stormed in and made entries in all three Cash Prize Competitions and is currently in 1st Place in this Week’s Daily £5 Competition and 1st Place in this Week’s Weekly £10 Competition .

boluo is currently in 3rd Place in this month’s Monthly £30 Competition, but get this, boluo’s WPM score – 121 words per minute – as this week’s 1st Place holder, Moiz Hussain, the current Fastest Typist in Pakistan who has a score of 121 WPM with 98.65% accuracy.  However, boluo’s accuracy of 94.92% hasn’t reached the accuracy threshold of 98.5% or over at which level all accuracy scores rank the same.  So, there’s a chance here for boluo; come back and increase your accuracy and you could be in line to win October’s £30 Cash Prize.  The other rules that you need to be aware of is that in the case of a tie, we look at the Keystrokes Per Minute because they can vary even if the WPM scores are the same and we also look at the date and time of the entries; it’s the player who achieved the score earliest in the competition cycle who wins.

That just leaves Haider Azam from Pakistan in 2nd Place with a solid 88 WPM and 97.75% accuracy but still with work to do beat his Previous Personal Best of 90 WPM and 98.75% accuracy – a good score.  There’s only 2 WPM in the difference, 3 WPM would give you a New Personal Best Haider.  Let’s see what you can do over the coming days.


Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.28

Update Friday 28th October 10:03 BST

There’s been a change at the top of the scoreboard with  galaktika! from the US In 1st Place with 126 WPM and 98.81%, pushing the incumbent, Moiz Hussain of Pakistan into 2nd Place.  Moiz is not far behind though, the margin is only 5 WPM, having made a New Personal best of 121 WPM with 98.85% accuracy, so we foresee some battling going on here.  On the one hand galactika!a truly expert speed typist – needs this win to become a Monthly Hall of Famer, to match galactika’s Weekly Hall of Famer title.  On the other hand, Moiz is a formidably determined opponent and thinks nothing of making hundreds of Attempts to win.  Let’s see what happens here.

We’re impressed to see yet another New Personal Best from Haider Azam from Pakistan, 83 WPM with 98.57% over 500 words.  Well done, Haider.

Jack Garton from the UK is now in 4th Place with 49 WPM and 96.9% accuracy followed by mithai from India in 5th Place.  mithai is a previous Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Winner but has yet to win a monthly competition.  So far mithai has made just 1 Attempt and scored 47 WPM with 96.08% accuracy.  The words per minute score is higher than mithai’s Previous Personal Best of 41 WPM but this month’s accuracy score is not high enough to register a New Personal Best.

Fast typist buluo from the UK is languishing down the scoreboard with a great 121 WPM but that lowish 94.92% is preventing you from challenging for the prize money.  Come back, slow down a bit at first and improve your accuracy and maybe our monthly thirty quid could be yours.  By the way buluo, you need to get in touch with us about your prize money from Weekly £10 Competition No.132 that you haven’t claimed yet.

Supporting everyone on the scoreboard at the moment is a player new to our monthly competition, Kamil from Pakistan.  Welcome to our October Monthly £30 Prize Competition Kamil.  You’re score of 45 WPM is quite a decent achievement over 500 words, you just need to try to improve your accuracy from the present 93.16%.  We can see that you are determined and trying hard, your 76 Attempts demonstrate that.  Well done.  We look forward to seeing your accuracy gradually improve.  We invite you to try our Classic Typing Tutorial.  Just use subscription code SOFTOPENING for a free month of using our full range of typing and language tutor products.  This offer is available to all of our competitors who would like to improve their typing skills.  Yes, we know that our elite typists have their own unique ways of typing, but a great way to start to type accurately is to use the Home Key Method, and that’s the method that we use for training.

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.28

Update Sunday 30th October 16:17 GMT


Not a lot of changes to report, it’s a quiet month.  Moiz Hussain from Pakistan has been trying to close the 5 WPM gap between him and galactika!, the 1st Place holder from the United States but he hasn’t managed it yet, but he has established a New Personal Best of 121 WPM with 98.85% first time accuracy which is a good achievement.  However, the gap remains – as indeed does around 27 hours of competition time.  Anything can happen, and often does.

If boluo came back and made a challenge then that would liven things up.  Maybe this commentary can act as a reminder for boluo to get in touch with about his prize money payment for Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No. 132.  Please contact us on competition@bsbltyping.com and we can arrange for your payment to be made.


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