"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.5

Posted By Tony Rust

Post Competition Analysis

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.5

This was an interesting competition.  There weren't a lot of competitiors so the £30 Prize was possibly a steal for the right competitor.  AnnaE, our new shining star compettitor in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition (where she won four competitions in a row and no has Champion status) made a determined attempt for the £30 prize but charliegr, a past master -and our first Champion - at the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition - made an appearance and with only a three attempts secured the top spot on the scoreboard with a creditable 63WPM and 96.54% accuracy.   That's pretty good for 500 words, there's no question of that.  

Charliegr's score remained at the top of board for two weeks despite a determined attempt by AnnA on Sunday 29th November 2020 but she couldn't get past 93.57% first time accuracy - but she did achieve a blazing 107 WPM over those 500 words.  Incredible.

So, it seemed at that time that charliegr had it in the bag, he was going to win this month's £30 cash prize, but that was without an appearance by another Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Chamion Yue Jun.  Yue Jun is known for her trademark steady pace and 100% first time accuracy and although she didn't quite achieve that 100% over the 500 words, she did score 43 WPM with 99.12% accuracy  which was over 2.5% more accuracy than charliegr who she pipped to the post on the last day of the competition.  Well done Yue Jun, you are now also a Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Tyist Competition Winner too!

Thanks to our other competitors - regulars Atwesh Pradeep, Bennie, Blad the Typist and Ellah Shah.  We hope that you enjoyed taking part as much as we enjoy following the progress of the competitions.