"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.6

Posted By Tony Rust

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.6  Tuesday 1st December 2020 11:35 GMT

There's no holding back AnnaE!  She's certainly got the bit her teeth in her attempt to win the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition and she has made a blazing start from the get-go of the competition.  She laid down a marker at 1st Place on the scoreboard with a blistering 112 WPM within 25 minutes of the start of the competition.  Although her accuracy is 'only' 87.75% it's a good start to this month's competition.  Abbey, who has also set a score, achieved 51 WPM with 78.29% accuracy but with only one attempt having been made we feel that she will be back to improve on this before the month is out.

So, 30 days to go, lots of people with time on their hands, why not spread the word about our competition and see who can win this months £30 cash prize, just in time for the January sales!

Update  Friday 11th December 2020  09:42 GMT

On Friday 4th December Sol B took 1st Place with a fairly limited words per minute score of 22 but with a pretty good 96.31% accuracy.  However, AnnaE is made of special stuff and on Tuesday 8th December she returned to make a concerted effort to win back that precious 1st Place and she did so with a remarkable 111WPM and 98.1% accuracy.  This is stunning.  This is the sort of score that we see in our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions which are run over only one minute.  In our Monthly Competition it’s 500 words and that’s a totally different challenge, one in which it is much harder to sustain a high speed of typing AND achieve a high accuracy.  Well done again to AnnAE. 

We welcome new competitor LBW who has taken part in few Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions and who has now  entered our Monthly competition with a stunning opening score of 75 WPM and 94.17% first time accuracy.  That’s pretty amazing for a first attempt.  We hope to see more of LBW, there’s real talent there.

We see another 90+% scorer, in 3rd Place, Atwesh Pradeep.  That’s good accuracy over 500 words.

We’re only a third of the way through the month, anything can happen before the competition closes on 31st December.  Keep trying!  There’s a £30 cash prize waiting to be won!

New Years Eve Update Thursday 31st December 2020  17:09 GMT

There's less than three hours to go and it seemed as if AnnaE had it this competition in the bag and all tied up.  She had a 111 WPM with 98.1% accuracy and that seemed pretty much it; her name was being pencilled in on the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Winners Nameboard.  But then... and this is where the unknowns of a worldwide fastest typist competition make it so exciting... out of the blue came TyrantTick to take first place with the slimmest of margins - 98.45% accuracy and 72 WPM to relegate AnnaE to second place and Sol B moves to third place.

We don't know if AnnaE is checking the scoreboard but if she does, and if she's not at a New Years celebration because of Covid-19 then just maybe we'll see a fight back.

Hang on everyone.  It's not over until it's over!

Update Monday 4th January 2020  221:21 GMT

The three hours passed without any challenge from AnnaE to TyrantTick’s explosion on the scoreboard to win the competition and the useful £30 cash prize.  My guess is that AnnaE’s focus was on New Years Eve events rather than the competition.  That’s no surprise, New Years Eve comes but once a year but our BSBL Fastest Typing Competitions take place every week and every month and I’ve not doubt that she will be back next week.  AnnaE is made of that special stuff that Winners are made of and that includes determination and the will to succeed.

But, as long as everyone enjoyed taking part then everyone is a winner and we wish everyone a Happy New Year and one filled with the sheer enjoyment of improving that so-important basic skill of touch typing; it really so important to be able to use a computer keyboard efficiently and easily.  Keep competing and keep coming back to bsbltyping.com, we’ve got lots of good things planned for 2021 to keep everyone challenged and entertained.