"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.7 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No. 7 Monday 4th January 22:34  11:35 GMT

AnnaE missed out on New Years, last week, to a last minute assault on her hold on the first place as competitor TyrantTick pounced to grab the £30 cash prize which looked almost certain to go to AnnaE.   However, nothing is certain in BSBL’s international Fastest Typist Competitions, you just never know who might turn up to compete and surprise everyone.

But that was last week and true to form AnnaE is back and has posted a staggering 132 WPM score with 90.38% accuracy.  That’s a personal best for WPM for AnnaE but will that score be good enough to stay in 1st Place with ‘only’ 90.38% accuracy?  We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings…

We’re glad to see Charlie W have a go at the Monthly Competition.  Only 1 Attempt so far and this has established a marker score of 32 WPM and 89.1% accuracy over the 2,500 keystrokes which make up the Monthly Competition.  I feel that Charlie W has more to give so let’s an eye on the scoreboard to see if Charlie W returns with a better score.


Update Friday 15th December 2021 22:25 GMT

Although AnnaE - who is a Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Hall of Famer with multiple wins under her belt - returned on Wednesday this week to improve her previous 1st Place score to a scorching 136 WPM with 92.47% accuracy, our new competitor, Rockiest, has taken that top spot with 95.76% accuracy and 95 WPM.  Wow!

Rockiest, like AnnaE, is from the USA, the home of many elite typists and it looks like things are shaping for an interesting second half of the competition.

We see that Big Xiao has made an appearance - welcome back Big Xiao, we see how you're improving all the time, please keep it up, it's good to see you typing faster now.


Update Monday 25th January 2021  19:34 GMT

Well friends, our new hot shot competitor from the United States, harnessingxd has now focussed on the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competiton and and has turned in an amazing first appearance score of 138 WPM with 93.13% accuracy in only 6 attempts.  This is very impressive and with just a under a week to go certainly puts AnnaE and Rockiest under pressure.

The Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition is a completely different challenge from the 'burst speed' that is the province of the one minute duration of the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition.  The Monthly competition is 500 words which is equal to 2,500 keystrokes and it not only takes a longer time to type, it requires a different level of concentration and keyboard dexterity to get a high score.  The record to date of 147 WPM with 100% which was achieved after 236 attempts is held by the awesome PicklePower, another US competitor who has been a Winner of every one of competitions and who's name appears in our Halls of Fame for the Weekly and the Montly competitions.  He is also the winner of the first Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH.

As a Hall of Famer, PicklePower can no longer take part in our standard competitions, only the BIG MATCHES, but his achievements show what can be done.  At the moment we have three US competitors - Anna E, Rockiest and harnessingxd -  occupying the top three places in this month's competition and in our consideration they all have the chance of winning the competition and of achieving extraordinary scores.  There is still just under a week to go, plenty of time for our competitors to improve their scores and take home the £30 cash prize.

We're also pleased to welcome back WayneL who is sitting in 4th Place with a creditable 56 WPM but who needs better accuracy to move up the scoreboard.  As to we say to everyone who takes part and whose accuracy needs to be improved, just slow down for a while and concentrate on getting the right finger on the right key and then the speed will come naturally.

Keep checking the scoreboard; this competition is hotting up!

Update Wednesdy 27th January 2021  19:30 GMT

There's been some action at the top of the scoreboard today with strong skirmishing between Rockiest and AnnaE.  Both of them have increased their accuracy scores but Rockiest remains in the top spot.  Rockiest currently has a score of 87 WPM with 97.78% accuracy and AnnaE has 126 WPM with a fraction less accuracy at 96.61% but both are good scores.

And both have scope for improvement, so stand by for further action!  There's just four days to go and that £30 cash prize is worth an effort to win.

harnessingxd, WayneL, Big Xiao and Charlie W all remain in the same places.

I've just published a blog entitled 'Why it's important to be accurate when you type - with table of examples of 'illegibility'.' which you might like to take a look at and perhaps be inspired to practice your accuracy using the BSBL Classic Typing Tutor.  It's free to use for one month if you use subscription code SOFTOPENING.  A tip.  Level 1 is your friend, it takes you through every key, one letter at a time; you control the interface and your progress.  Try it and see.

And stay tuned over the next four days to see how the scoreboard changes.  As we have learnt, anything can happen, and often does!


Update 29th January 2021   17:39 GMT

There's been more action at the top of the scoreboard during the past 48 hours with Rockiest currently triumphing with an amazing 83 WPM with 99.28% accuracy - and remember please,  that accuracy is measured over 2,500 keystrokes.  Very impressive.

Just 1% accuracy behind but significantly in front on typing speed is AnnaE.  Her 129 WPM is stunning,  but she is making two mistakes in every one hundred keystrokes...just slow down a little bit, AnnaE, and you could get back to 1st Place perhaps.

Out of the blue comes competitor themoooooon, from the Philippines, welcome to the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competitionsmiley.  We've seen  from your typing performance in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition that you have a real competitive spirit and that you are a good typist.  As you are discovering, the dynamics of the Monthly competition are completely different.  It's not about burst speed, like the Weekly Competition's one minute duration, the Monthly Competition is about sustained speed plus accuracy.  You're doing well for your debut in the competition and we wish you well in this and future Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions.

In 4th Place is harnessingxd with a brilliant, brilliant 138 WPM -  but just 93.13% accuracy.  harnessingxd is in 1st Place at the moment in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition and  has made only 10 Attempts so far at the Monthly Competition.   We know that harnessingxd is good, but can he make the transition to the bigger picture of the 2,500 keystroke Monthly Competition,  the toughest typing competition on the Internet.  Who knows, with a a few more tries harnessingxd might pull off a double whammy and win both the Weekly and the Monthly competitions this weekend.

There's everything still to play for... stay tuned, stay looking at the scoreboards, anything can happen.. and often does smiley


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