"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.8 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Sunday 7th February 2021   14:38 GMT

We're off to a quiet start this month but we have seen a first time entry from a long standing Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitor,Yasmine.aa.  Yasmine has a achieved a solid 52 WPM aand a not so shabby 95.61% accuracy.  Well done Yasmine, we look forward to seeing you continuing to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

In 2nd Place is another long time competitor, Bennie, who has a personal best in this Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Prize Competition No.8 with 48 WPM and 87.13% accuracy.  Well done to you too, Bennie.  There's plenty of time left before the competition closes on 28th February so maybe you can improve your score by that time.

And, keep an eye on the scoreboard, you never who might arrive to take up the challenge of our monthly competition and take home our monthly £30 prize.

Update Tuesday 16th February 2021   13:02

AnnaE is back!  And look at that score!  129 WPM with 98.13% accuracy, and get this - in just 1 Attempt!  Wow, that's not just good, that's really special.  But we know that AnnaE is a very special person - https://bsbltyping.com/ControllerUsers/blog/72

This has set things alight.  Who's going to be the first to challenge AnnaE for this month's thirty quid?

Update Wednesday 24th February 20:21  21:30

Well, look what's going on here :)  Our current scoreboard leader on our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.38, Ilia, our new fast typing competitor from Australia, Ilia, is now also top of the Monthly £30 Fastest Typist Competition scoreboard too.  This is an impressive double-whammy and we give a warm welcome to Ilia.  Well done so far Ilia, you have two 1st Places and maybe this could be the week and the month in which we have our first ever double winner.  

But... it's only Wednesday and we know that our previous multiple Winner, AnnaE, is a very capable and determined competitor who is in 2nd Place now with a massive 129 WPM with 98.13% in an amazing 1 Attempt. She has multiple 98.xx% Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition entries with 100++ WPM scores to her credit.  If AnnaE slowed down a little bit she might increase her accuracy and that would make 1st Place a possiblity for her again... We'll have to see.  

Ilia's entry has pushed our determined and hard working competitor, Sagar, to 3rd Place, and Yasmine.aa into 4th Place and Bennie into 5th Place.  

Ella Shah, a regular competitor is currently supportling everyone with her very solid 63 WPM which was let down by an accuracy score of 83.74% but there are still four days to go before the competition closes so anything could happen.  And it often does!

Keep and eye on the scoreboard.

Update Thursday 25th February 2021   08:50 GMT

Wow!  AnnaE... what a spectacular response to Ilia!  We're just getting to work here, in lockdown UK, and we've looked at the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest typist scoreboard and seen that AnnaE has now made 93 attempts and has achieved an absolutely storming 134 WPM with 99% accuracy.  What a phenomenal comeback!  What a performance! What resolve.. and what skill!  And so much for our advice to her yesterday to slow down in order to improve her accuracy.  She's gone even faster than before and she's even more accurate!

AnnaE has matched the excellent first time 99% accuracy achieved by Ilia, a great achievement in itself over 2,500 keystrokes.  But more than that, she did it at the rate of 134 Words Per Minute... that's more than 11 first time accurate keystrokes per second.  Brilliant.  Well done AnnaE.

This change at the top of the scoreboard affects only 1st and 2nd Places so the placings of Sagar, Yasmine.aa, Bennie and Ella Shah are not affected.

There's still 3 days to go.  Can Ilia - or anyone else - beat AnnaE's score?

Keep checking the scoreboard!

Update Sunday 28th February 2021   11:45 GMT

Well...wow!  Look what's going on!... A few minutes ago we saw on the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition the welcome return of charliegr - and true to the form of our first ever bsbltyping.com Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Champion, Charlie ( stormed to 1st Place in the early hours of Sunday morning with 92 WPM and 100% first time accuracy. 

Now we see the equally welcome return of Charliegr to the even more difficult challenge of our Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition where he currently occupies 2nd Place against a very determined competitor, AnnaE.  AnnaE is not letting go of that top spot easily!  She has now made 208 Attempts to improve her score, and this effort has increased her accuracy to an incredible 99.96% accuracy but has reduced her words per minute score from an incredible 134 WPM to a slightly lower, but equally amazing 128 WPM.  

Charliegr has past form in the Monthly competition, having scored 72 WPM with 96.04% accuracy in Competition No.2 (in only 2 Attempts) and 63 WPM with 96.57% in Competition No.5.   This time, charlie has achieved a personal best with careful 99.56% which equals AnnaE's accuracy score, but this time he has 30 WPM which falls short of AnnaE's score.

This has relegated the impressive score of Ilia, who on Wednesday set a 1st Place score of 97 WPM with 99% first time accuracy, to 3rd Place. Sagar, in his first entry to the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition - welcome to the Monthly competition Sagar - was doing quite well in the placings earlier this week, but the battle at the top has relegated him to 4th Place.

Also pushed down the scoreboard are Yasmine.aa, Bennie and Ella Shah.

Supporting everyone at the moment is our current Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition and a past bsbltyping.com Weekly competition Winner, kuda_lumping.  Welcome to the very different challenge of the Monthly competition kuda_lumping.  It's quite a transition from the 'sprint' speed of the Weekly one minute competition to the 500 words of the Monthly competition.  We know that you have the skill to type very fast and very accurately and we wish you luck - the thirty pounds has to be won by someone and that someone may be you!

The competition ends today so let's see what happens on the board over the next eight hours...

Update Sunday 28th February 2021   15:54 GMT

What a fantastic competition we have this month!  We've never seen anything like it; the quality and determination of our competitors is astounding.  And now, kuda_lumping from Indonesia, in his first ever Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition has taken 1st Place from AnnaE with his 82 WPM and 99.76% first time accuracy over 2,500 keystrokes.  This is only smidgen ahead of Sagar with 99.72% accuracy and 33 WPM and AnnaE with her blazing 128 WPM with 99.56% accuracy.

Oh, AnnaE, after all your Attempts, we really feel for you... but we have to say well done to kuda_lumping.

Charliegr has been moved down to 4th Place and Ilia to 5th.

Yasmine.aa, Bennie and Ella Shah occupy positions 6-8 on the scoreboard.

Let's see what happens now... just over 4 hours to go...who'll get the kudos, who'll get the 30 quid?

Competition Summary

This month's Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition, like this week's  Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition has been one of the best.  The final day was one of the most exciting ever, with the top spot changing hands and sadly seeing AnnaE, who is lover of typing, and who, for this competition had typed her heart out and had achieved a spectacular score of 128 WPM with 99.56% accuracy, an almost perfect score.  But alas for AnnaE, that missing 0.44% accuracy let kuda_lumping through to 1st Place, to win, worthily, with a perfect 100% accuracy and 78 WPM and he receives this months £30 Cash Prize. It's this demand for perfection that makes our bsbltyping.com competitions the toughest and hardest to win on the Internet. 

charliegr was runner up with 58 WPM and a so-nearly-perfect 99.92% accuracy, followed by the ever improving Sagar with 32 WPM and 99.76% accuracy.

Our early leader, Ilia, looked to have an unassailable score of 97 WPM and 99% accuracy but as the story unfolded it became clear that it wasn't enough to win, this month.  But please keep trying Ilia, you have the stuff that Winners are made of.

Our thanks go to our regular, ever improving competitors, Yasmine.aa, Bennie and Ella Shah.

All in all, a terrific competition and a great effort by all concerned. Well done.

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.9 has begun so please step forward and establish your marker, and don't forget to try our Weekly competition too.


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