"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.11 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Friday 21st May 2021 10:00 BST

Well, look at the scoreboard; we've got a good challenge for the top spot shaping up between the new hot shot competitor, thesensinator, against fellow competitor from the United States, nonesocapable.  thesensinator certainly has the speed to defeat nonesocapable, but nonesocapable has the edge as far as accuracy is concerned.  And that's where the rubber meets the road.  thesensinator needs to slow down a little bit and maybe those extra accuracy percentage points will be achieved. A Winner of Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.50,  nonesocapable is also a Winner of last month's  Monthly£30 competition.  Let's see what happens, there's still ten days to go before the competition closes so there's plenty of time to practice and make more entries and that £30 makes a useful prize.

In 3rd Place is Wayne L with a solid 53WPM and a low 90's accuracy.  RupeshAtwesh - hello again Rupesh, keep plugging away, we're glad to see you enjoying our competitions - is in 4th Place and Big Xiao once again has a solid 56 WPM with 91.14% accuracy in 5th Place.

Supporting everyone in 6th Place at the moment is Dreadnought who has made just the one Attempt so far.

There's plenty of time to go before the competition closes.  If you'd like some practice then please try our new Typing Tests - there's a choice of 4 - 15 Second Burst Test, 30 Second Sprint Test, the One Minute Test and the Full Test.  The typing input screens are feature rich with user-definable options so that you can configure the screen just how you like it.  Enjoy your typing smiley

Update Monday 24th May 2021  22:53 BST

The fox is in the chicken coop!  Previous Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Winner nonesocapable is holding on to 1st Place with just a 1.95% accuracy margin over the much faster WPM of Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Champion, the inappropriately named, imgonnalose69, who has stormed into 2nd Place in a flurry of 15 Attempts.  imgonnalose69 has pushed the even faster WPM elite typist, the sensinator, into 3rd Place.

We feel that nonesocapable has more to achieve on the accuracy front, having won last month's competition with 99.44% accuracy, but imgonnalose69 has a very good record of 100% accuracy in the Weekly competitions; but can be this achieved in the more challenging Monthly competition?

And what about the amazing turn of speed that thesensinator shows?  We've seen 130+ WPM in the Weekly competitions.  We feel that if thesensinator was to slow down just little bit, and pick those keystrokes just a little bit more carefully, that we have potential Winner here too.

There's a week to go, and we've got three world class, elite fast typists in the top three places.  Pass the popcorn!  This could be very good.

In support are our regular fast-typing-for-the-fun-of-it competitors, Wayne L, RupeshAtwesh, Big Xiao and Dreadnought.  So far they have each only made a small number of attempts and we know that they are all capable of improving their scores.  We look forward to seeing how far they can get.

Update Thursday 27th May 2021  11:39 BST

There's been an upset at the top of the board.  The force that is competitor imgonnalose69 has worked very hard and is now in 1st Place with an impressive 112 WPM and an-oh-so-close-to-perfect score of 99.2% accuracy.  That's a very good score over 2,500 keystrokes.  Very good.

This has moved the ever-determined nonesocapable down to 2nd Place with 86 WPM and 98.65% accuracy.  This is not as fast, but we know that nonesocapable won last month's Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition with 88 WPM and 99.44% accuracy - higher than imgonnalose69's current accuracy score.  Can nonesocapable exploit this weekend and take the £30 prize for the second month in a row - and become a BSBL Monthly Champion with the chance to win £100 prize money.

In 3rd and 4th Places are an awesome pair of fast typists, thesensinator from the US, and Colass from Malaysia.  Both have had almost the same number of Attempts and both have the potential to get a high accuracy and high WPM scores.  There's still 4 days to go before the competition closes and get the feeling that this pair could yet electrify things.

Update Monday 31st May 2021 15:46 BST

All I can say is WOW!  WOW! WOW!  

We have some of the world's best typists competiting in our Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.11.  Everyone should be proud.  To those of you within the top 6 Places, we say that you are all giants in the world of fast typing.  But not only fast typing, fast and accurate typing. bsbltyping competitions are perhaps the most difficult on the Internet because you not only have to be a fast typist, you have to be an accurate typist, and this makes you one of the world's best typists.  

1st Place has been hanging by a thread for the last week, it was vulnerable to challenges by typists who were not only quick, but accurate too.  We see that kuda_lumping has leapt into 1st Place with a very good 65 WPM and 99.8% first time accuracy, moving the previous incumbent, Colasss, down into 2nd Place with an updated score (70 Attempts Colasss, respect due) of 37 WPM and 99.76 % accuracy.  In 3rd Place is imgonnalose69, a formidable Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Champion who is now transitioning to the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition challenge, and doing very well at it with a stunning 112 WPM and 99.28% accuracy.

A smidgin behind, in 4th Place is that indefatigable, never-say-die competitor, nonesocapable with and very quick 93 WPM and 99.28% Accuracy.

The difference in accuracy between the top four places is just 0.52%, that's over 2,500 keypresses.    Amazing.

In 5th Place we see the welcome return of the talented TinyKeem - welcome back - with a very good 98.97% accuracy and a solid 53 WPM.  In 6th is the very fast thesensinator with 108 WPM and 98.41% accuracy.  These top six all have a chance to win our Weekly £30 Prize and the championship points that go with winning. The championship points move you into a different level of our league of Winners, Champions and Famers, giving you entry to the higher BIG MATCH Cash Prizes of £50, £100 and £200.

For the elite fast typists we give our standard advice; back off your speed by say, 10%, and you'll see those additional accuracy percentages rise.  If you take the adage of the top golfers 'swing for show, putt for dough'.  It's the combination of speed and accuracy that takes the prizes in the bsbltyping.com competitions.

Not to be forgotten are our regular competitors, WayneL with a solid 53 WPM and 92.86% accuracy in 7th Place and RupeshAtwesh in 8th Place followed by Big Xiao and Dreadnought in 9th and 10th Places with our newly returned competitor, Jack Garton, supporting everyone at the moment in 11th Place.  Their effort is never wasted, all competitors have a chance of a WILDCARD place in our BIG MATCHES.

That 1st Place is still vulnerable to an elite typist.  Let's see if a successful challenge is mounted in the remaining four hours of the competition.  Never say die, never give up!

Summary  Wednesday 2nd May 2021  21:04 BST

Our thanks go out our amazing competitors who helped to make this an exceptional Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition.  It was very exciting to watch the constant changes on the scoreboard, it was never certain who would win until the minute when the competition closed.  Everyone made a big effort to win and we hope that the typing that you did during your efforts has improved your skills even more.  It's not just about speed when there are 2,500 keys to press with the accuracy you can achieve, it's that concentration to pick out every key character correctly first time. It's a tough challenge and it's so personally rewarding when you get it right, and you feel yourself improving.

The is month's Winner is kuda_lumping with 65 WPM and a very good 99.8% accuracy, who not only takes home the £30 Cash Prize, he is now elevated to the Montly Winners Hall of Fame.  This means that he has to take mandatory retirement from the Monthly competition (so as to give others a chance of winning) but as compensation for that he will always receive an invitation for the one Monthly Winners BIG MATCH, one Monthly Champions BIG Match and then every  Monthly Famers Big MATCHES, with their higher prizes.

In 2nd Place is Colass, with 37 WPM but 99.76% accuracy, that's good. imgonnalose69 did a lot of Attempts - 171, that's impressive, to nearly, so nearly win, with a fantastic 112 WPM over the 500 Word challenge, and with 99.76% accuracy, but that accuracy wasn't quite good enough - by a miniscule 0.04% and he had to settle for just 3rd Place.  That's tough, but we're sure that imgonnalose69 will hit and keep that top spot sometime.

Another great competitor, nonesocapable, made a big effort and produced an amazing 93 WPM personal best speed but not quite a personal best, but very good 99.28% accuracy to take 4th Place.    In 5th Place is TinyKeem - another competitor to watch - who achieved 53 WPM with a very good 98.97% accuracy. Yet another great score in 6th Place from another great competitor, thesensinator ,with a very fast 108 WPM and 98.41% accuracy - I told you it was a tough competition!   These competitors are amongst the fastest and most accurate typists in the world.  There aren't any algorithms here to figure out an 'adjusted' Words Per Minute based on how many missed keys, we tell the accuracy for what it is, and these competitors are amazing over the 2,500 key presses which make up the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition.

In 7th Place is WayneL with 53 WPM and 92.86% accuracy; work required here Wayne, but as long as you enjoy taking part, that's the main thing.  And it same for RupeshAtwesh, Big Xiao, Dreadnought and Jack Garton.  Thanks for taking part, thanks for making it a good competition.

And please remember to tell your friends and family about our competitions, the more people taking part, the better it is for us avid competition watchers.  Thanks.

Don't forget the Weekly competition.  It's a different kind of challenge, with £10 to be won each week and the same chances to become a Champion and a Hall of Famer.  There are £50,£ 100 and £200 Prize BIG MATCHES but you need to compete  in order to guarantee an invitation to take part.

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