"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.12 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Wednesday 9th June 2021  14:41 BST

Well no-nonsense from Colasss who has blasted in with a very solid 54 WPM and a good 99% first-time accuracy to take 1st Place in this month's Monthly competition.  Well done Colasss, that's a good start to the month.

Now, just look who's hovering in 2nd Place... nonesocapable, who in just 1 Attempt has scored a whopping 90WPM with a great almost 99% first-time accuracy.   This makes Colasss look vulnerable, and no doubt nonesocapable knows this.  Look out for a challenge!

WayneL is in 3rd Place with a solid 58 WPM but just 90.91% accuracy.  Not a bad start to the month but definitely room for improvement Wayne.

In 4th Place is regular competitor AtweshPradeep... thanks for taking part, we see scope for improvement and no doubt you do too.  Just keep enjoying taking part, take it slow and steady and you will see those scores move up.


Update Friday 25th June 2021  14:48 BST

We have a very determined Colasss who started off with 99% accuracy and has now achieved 99.52% accuracy in 63 Attempts.  The Words Per Minute is just 51 WPM, good, but vulnerable, especially when you see the hunter in 2nd Place, zhangerbanger from Canada, with 88 WPM and 98.93 % accuracy.

And just below this, in 3rd Place is the unstoppable nonesocapable, who keeps trying and is often so close to winning another bsbltyping.com competition.  This time the score after only 2 Attempts is 90 WPM and 98.65% accuracy, just 0.28% accuracy behind zhangerbanger and only 0.87% behind Colasss – but much faster than Colass.  Hmmm, an interesting top three places.

But wait!  Look here, gwei in 4th Place is the same 88 WPM as 2nd Place zhangerbanger who is only 0.63% more accurate, only a small number of mis-keys between them.

And lurking below is a bsbltyping.com Weekly Champion, imgonnalose69, who has proven speed and accuracy over the One Minute of the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition, but the Monthly challenge over 2,500 keystrokes is different.  Hmmm….

Only the mighty PicklePower has broken the 100 WPM and 100%  accuracy barrier on the Monthly Competition (in fact he smashed it three times with WPM scores of 137,147 and 132) , and kuda_lumping also achieved 100% accuracy but with a sub-100WPM score of 78 WPM (which is why kuda_lumping is not shown in the Fastest Typist in the World Ranking for the 500 word challenge; the starting point for a Worlds Fastest Typist ranking is 100WPM and 100% accuracy).

So, 100% accuracy and a good speed is possible, it’s been done.  Can it be done again this month?

We believe that every competitor in the top 5 Places of this month’s Monthly £30 Prize Competition is capable of  achieving 100% first-time accuracy and a good WPM score.  Let’s see.  £30 cash is worth an evening or an afternoon’s pleasant challenge. 

Lower down the scoreboard, but in an equally interesting race are Jack Garton and Wayne L with very similar scores of 59 WPM /91.09% accuracy and 58 WPM with 90.91% accuracy.  Not much between them.  We’re watching guys, let’s see who will end up highest on the scoreboard at 8pm on the 30th June 2021, next Wednesday when the competition closes.

Get those fingers busy, someone has to win our Monthly Thirty Quid and we all enjoy taking part in and watching a good competition.

Update Tuesday 29th June 2021 10:20 BST

With a little over a day to go before someone takes home our Thirty British Quid (a useful amount of money to win), Colasss from Malaysia has been making more attempts to secure his position and that prize.  Good for you Colasss, don't relinquish that 1st Place without a fight.

However, you have some formidable challengers, chasing you, and the Cash Prize.  imgonnalose69 is a proven winner in the Weekly Competition and is finding his way with the Monthly competition and is snapping at the heels of Colasss.  Within striking distance is the talent of zhangerbanger, and nonesocapable is is in the charge too, as is gwei, also from the US.  

There is truly very little between this leading bunch so it's going to be down to determination and concentration and that will to be the best that could determine the Winner this month.

Jack Garton and Wayne L are close, let's see what happens there, and the indefatigable Atwesh Pradeep is currently supporting everyone.

Get stuck in! Not much time left

Summary Thursday 1st July 2021   15:21 BST

We take our hats off to our top five competitors this week - zhangerbanger, Colasss, imgonnalose69, nonesocapable and gwei.  On the accuracy side of things, it was so close, only 1.35% accuracy between this top five.  For much of the competition period it was Colasss who steadily plugged away, making 75 Attempts and staying at the top of the scoreboard with gradually improving scores.  

Even when challenged by the very capable imgonnalose69 and nonesocapble, Colasss kept increasing that important accuracy score and reaching 39 WPM with 99.68% accuracy.  imgonnalose69 smashed in with much resolve and 29 Attempts and reached a very good 116 WPM with 99.28%  but couldn't reach a higher accuracy to take 1st Place.  Similarly nonsocapable couldn't get past the very solid 90 WPM and 98.65% score that was achieved on the very first day of the competition, 1st June 20221. 

And gwei, who is another potential winner, only made 2 attempts and reached 88 WPM and 98.3%.  We can't help but feel that our Monthly Thirty Quid could be winging it's way to gwei if more Attempts had been made.

In 6th and 7th Places we saw some action between Jack Garton and WayneL, with Jack coming out in front with 59 WPM and 94.49% and Wayne with 58 WPM and 90.91%   A good race, well done both or you.

And supporting all of the above is regular competitor Atwesh Pradeep.  We always look forward to seeing you.

But, the surprise from Canada, at almost the last moment, was zhangerbanger, storming in with real determination and effort and concentration and great skill to take 1st Place, and the £30 Cash Prize, with a very good 71 WPM and that magic 100% first-time accuracy.  This makes zhangerbanger only the third competitor to have achieved 100% accuracy in the Monthly competition, the others being the mighty PicklePower and the second Fastest Typist Highest Earner, kuda_lumpur

Although zhangerbanger won this month's Monthly competition and his name will appear on the Monthly Winners Nameboard and the Highest Earners List, the score of 71 WPM/ 100% accuracy won't be enough to get him onto the Fastest Typist in the World List because the minimum requirement there is naturally high, and is set at 100 WPM with 100 % accuracy to qualify for a place.  Nevertheless, congratulations and well done to zhangerbanger from Canada.

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And if you want to know how to become a fast typist, you could start by reading some of the blogs in which we profile some of our bsbltyping.com fastest typists.  We are fortunate to attract some of the fastest typists in the world to our cash prize competitions and as we get to know them and find out more about them we discover what a lovely, diverse group of people they are.  There do seem to be some commonalities shared between them, unsurprisingly, they all enjoyed the process of learning to type fast, and that skill of typing fast without looking at the keyboard stands them in good stead in their daily lives.

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