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Better Skills, Better Life
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Hello Charlie W, here is your 100+ Report E-mail setting out our analysis of your Typing Test performance.

You chose the Full Typing Test, Test 1, in Language

This is the 382nd time that you have tried this test since you registered on {registration_date[1460]}.

The report is divided into four main areas:
1. Test Statistics,
2. The duration of your Typing Test which we call Elapsed Time,
3. Words Per Minute/Kepress Per Minute
4. Accuracy.

The aim of the report is to help you find your weak points and your strengths so that you can then work on those areas and improve your typing skills. Better Skills can mean a Better Life.

There are six different tests in many different languges and you are welcome to try them all as often as you want.

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Take a good look at your report below and see where your weak points are, and your strengths. Better Skills, Better Life Typing Tutors can help you to improve your typing skills. Our effective Typing Tutorials and the personalised motivational and analytical reports we create especially for you can be a part of helping you to get better typing skills and achieve a better life.

Good luck with your keyboard skills testing and training,

The Better Skills, Better Life Support Team





The Warm-up and Warmer statistics aren't included in the Typing Test but for the record a summary of your performance with these is shown below:


This is what you actually typed:-

Your Typing Test Data shows that overall you performed as follows:
Number of words typed: 0
Number of keys pressed:
Number of keys correctly pressed: {0
Number of keys incorrectly pressed: 0

Elapsed Time


Time Typing Test Started: 00:00:00

Time Typing Test Finished: 00:00:00

Your Elapsed Time for typing the test was 00:00:00

General note regarding Splits in this report: We round overall times to a second and the Split figures to one decimal place for clarity in presentation. As a result of this you may find that there is some slight difference when you compare Split totals to overall totals.

The First half of the Test took you 0 sec to type and the second half took you sec

Your Results per Quarter Period splits:

1st Quarter 0.0 Seconds

2nd Quarter 0.0 Seconds

3rd Quarter 0.0 Seconds

4th Quarter 0.0 Seconds

We use Splits to help you to analyse your performance, just like a runner has split times in a race to enable the first half of the race to be compared to the second half, or in a longer race, split times for each mile.

We provide Split information for each half, quarter and ten percent of the typing test data. We do this for Elapsed Time, Words Per Minute and Accuracy.
And overall, by 10% splits:

1st 10% 0.0 Seconds

2nd 10% 0.0 Seconds

3rd 10% 0.0 Seconds

4th 10% 0.0 Seconds

5th 10% 0.0 Seconds

6th 10% 0.0 Seconds

7th 10% 0.0 Seconds

8th 10% 0.0 Seconds

9th 10% 0.0 Seconds

10th 10% 0.0 Seconds

Your Elapsed Time figures for ten percent splits are shown in the graph below.

Words Per Minute

Your Average Typing Speed was WPM

During the First Half of the period you typed NAN and during the second half of the period you typed NAN

Your results per quarter period splits:

1st Quarter NAN

2nd Quarter NAN

3rd Quarter NAN

4th Quarter NAN

And overall, by 10% splits:

1st 10% 0

2nd 10% 0

3rd 10% 0

4th 10% 0

5th 10% 0

6th 10% 0

7th 10% 0

8th 10% 0

9th 10% 0

10th 10% 0

Your WPM figures for ten percent splits are shown in the graph below.


Your Average Accuracy was %

During the First Half of the period your Average Accuracy was NAN% and during the second half of the period your Average Accuracy was 0%

Your results per quarter period splits:

1st Quarter NAN%

2nd Quarter 0%

3rd Quarter 0%

4th Quarter0%

And overall, by 10% splits:

1st 10% 0%

2nd 10% 0%

3rd 10% 0%

4th 10% 0%

5th 10% 0%

6th 10% 0%

7th 10% 0%

8th 10% 0%

9th 10% 0%

10th 10% 0%

Your Accuracy figures for ten percent splits are shown in the graph below.

Where you Scored 100% the box displays a (✔)

Per Keyboard row your average accuracy was:
Number row: 0%
Top Row: 0%
Middle Row: 0%
Bottom Row: 0%

Your Average Accuracy for alphabet keys was: NAN%
Your Average Accuracy for number keys was: N/A%
Your Average Accuracy for non-alphabet and non-number keys was 0%

Your Average Accuracy per finger was:
Left Hand

Little Finger: %
Ring Finger: %
Middle Finger: %
Index Finger: %

Right Hand

Little Finger: %
Ring Finger: %
Middle Finger:%
Index Finger: %

Overall, your average accuracy with your left hand was 0% and your right hand 0%

The table below shows you your accuracy per key. Your least accurate key is in the top left hand column.


This section is designed to highlight your specific problem keys. We analyse your typing performance in detail so that you can see which fingers and why keyboard rows you are experiencing the most difficulty. Once you actually know for sure which fingers and rows you are losing accuracy then you can work through the exercises in the Recommendations section which have been specifically picked out for you to practice.

This is what you actually typed:

Summary - Elapsed Time, WPM, Accuracy

To summarise, you typed 0 words in an Elapsed Time of 00:00:00 at an average of WPM / NAN KPM and an Accuracy of %.

How well did you do? We determine Average WPM/KPM and Accuracy by reference to our database of historic keypresses for various profiles of users and based on that we can say -

Your WPM score is Below average and your Accuracy is Below average.

You can set your own user profile type in your User Account and help us to build a more accurate database so that we can provide you with more accurate information in the future. Click here to go to your User Account.

Good keyboard skills are essential . The computer keyboard is perhaps the most important man/machine interface ever invented . Your keyboard skills can be a key factor at school or college and helping your career or business prospects. Better Skills can mean a Better Life

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