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If you can type at 45WPM you can go to Denmark!

Posted By Tony Rust

Updated 20th July 2021

Highest Earners Ranking: Ranked No.11 (2020)

First Published 19th October 2020

That’s what the parents of our first winner from India of our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition said to her in 2014 when she was a young teenager.  It’s certainly a good incentive for anyone to learn to type, whatever age you are.  Now, at the age of 19 in 2020, Tavishi Shamar is an accomplished typist and on 5th October this year she won our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No. 27 with a score of 48 WPM and 97.55% first time accuracy   That’s probably more than enough to get her to Denmark again! 

Photograph of Tavishi Sharma

Our first Weekly Competition Winner from India

Tavishi  did go on the trip to Denmark, having learnt to type fast enough, and now she has another reward from her hours spent learning to touch type, she is the first winner from India of our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition.

When telling the story of her parent’s incentivisation for her to learn to touch type she smilingly adds that she now knows that, regardless of her typing speed, they wouldn’t have left her at home, but at the time it was a real spur to her to get on and learn to type.  She gives credit for her typing skills to her father for encouraging her in this way.  She says that he strongly believed that skills like typing are a must, and that having such skills gives you an edge over others.  Here at Better Skills, Better Life Ltd. we strongly agree with her father; he’s a wise man. didn’t exist in 2014 but we know this to be true.  Our range of online Typing Tutorials and Typing Testers, based on over 30 years of typing training experience, and updated to include the best mix of computer science and sports science principles, are an excellent choice for future champions.

Typing skills help to build your career prospects

Tavishi says, “Now I can see for myself that having a good typing speed has innumerous benefits.  My family knows that I am working on my typing skills.  They constantly motivate me by setting goals with incentives.  My friends at college also know about my typing skills.  As a result I have been made the permanent assignment  writer of my peer group”. 

As anyone who knows about getting a job, it’s the things that you can put on your CV that create an opening for you and get you that precious interview where you can make the case that the job, or role, in question, has your name on it.  Tavishi is currently pursuing engineering, Computer Science, at college.  When she comes to apply for a job, she can put down that her keyboard skills have not  only been recognised by her peers as excellent, and have led to her being given the role of  permanent assignment writer, but she can also include that she has won an international typing competition too.  These are eye-catching items on any CV.

Tavishi goes on to say, “This is the only competition I have participated in.  I saw the competition at as a good way to practice my skills. I never thought that I could win the competition.”.  It wasn’t a case of ‘first time lucky’ for Tavishi to become a winner, she entered quite a few competitions before she eventually gained ,and then held on to, first place on the scoreboard until the end of the weekly competition.  It’s tenacity as well as skill that makes a winner.

The Better Skills, Better Life website is the home of the biggest number of cash prize typing competitions on the Internet, with cash prizes ranging from £10 to £200.  The competitions began in March 2020 and have attracted elite typists from around the world.  It’s a place where our typing competition speed records are regularly being set and broken and set again.  The bsbltyping competition typing texts are not easy to type quickly.  Unlike other typing tests on the Internet which contain only lower case words, the bsbltyping texts include lots of capital letters, punctuation and numbers i.e. they are more representative of day to day typing and as such are the scores of our competitors are more relevant to real world typing situations.  The level of difficulty lends authority to the achievement of the winner of any Better Skills, Better Life Fastest Typist competition.

Tavishi has a long way to go in her career and in life, but on that journey she has the powerful skill at her fingertips of touch typing.  She has the foresight of her father to thank for this and a supportive family around her who want her to do well in the future.  She is a worthy BSBL Fastest Typist Winner and we look forward to her continued participation and success  in our future competitions and in whatever career she chooses in life.  Well done, Tavishi J


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Tony Rust is the Managing Director and Chief Product Designer of the Better Skills Better Life Ltd.’s range of Typing Testers, Typing Tutors and Typing and Language Tutors.  Tony’s expertise in typing skills and training goes back over 30 years to 1988 when he designed a typing tutorial for the then ground-breaking hand held computer, the Psion Organiser II.  The product was called ‘The Finger Organiser’ sold worldwide and a proficient user of the typing method could achieve over 50 words per minute using just a thumb and three fingers.  Tony then went on to design the Fingers for Windows range of typing and typing and language products which he exhibited and sold in many language variants in many countries throughout the 1990’s.  These were designed from the outset to make the process of learning to touch type easy and quick, using a ‘3 Level System’ of practice.  He has designed and overseen the development of a wide range of software products including software for the Japanese company, Sharp, and has spent many years training people in the use of productivity software.  With all of these products he says that the key to real productivity is the ability to use the computer keyboard well.  Never one to settle for the status quo, Tony recently spent ‘three and a half happy years’ in China honing his martial arts skills at a Kungfu Academy and then a year and half on a Chinese Language course at Ludong University.  During this period, he also managed to find time to qualify – with Distinction - as a TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with the Dublin based TEFL Academy.


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