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Fastest Typist Speed Typing Record Broken Again by 18 year old Scottish Business Studies student at 129 WPM with 100% Accuracy

Posted By Tony Rust

Updated 20th July 2021

 World Fastest Typist Ranking:  Ranked # 3 (All Time), Ranked # 4 (2020), Ranked # 1  (2021)

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First Published 23rd June 2020

On Friday 12th June 2020 18 year old student Charlie Greener achieved a Better Skills, Better Life  cash prize speed typing competition record typing speed of 129WPM with 100% accuracy in the Better Skills Better Life Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition.  There are plenty of Words Per Minute typing speed records but this speed typing competition calls for 100% accuracy in order to win.  Charlie Greener achieved over 10 accurate keystrokes per second over a one minute period to record this new speed typing record of 129 WPM.  By comparison, a humming bird beats it’s wings at a similar 10 (to 15) per second.

Photograph of Charlie Greener standing by a fence in a garden

Charlie is a keen gamer and is a Business Studies with Computer Science and Maths student in Glasgow and he’s the record holder for being the fastest touch typist in 2020.  He’s been entering the Better Skills, Better Life  Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition since shortly after it started in April 2020.  He was the first competitor to achieve 4 wins within a 10 week period and he became the first BSBL Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Champion.  He’s now on track to become the first BSBL Hall of Famer fastest typist too.

Tony Rust, Managing Director of Better Skills Better Life Ltd, the organisers of the BSBL Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions said, ‘When we started the speed typing competition we didn’t quite know what level of achievement our competitors would reach.  Charlie’s first win was at an amazing  84WPM with 100% accuracy and we had to check and double check our date to validate this, it seemed so fast and accurate.  And it was true.  Then over the following weeks Charlie upped his game and in June he scored a validated record breaking 129 WPM with 100%.  This is outstanding, he is truly one of the best touch typists in the world today’.

The scoreboard at shows results of the top twenty competitors in each of the BSBL Weekly  £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions.  There are competitors of all abilities shown there and the question is, how can people with ordinary typing skills compete against the very best, those who are extraordinarily talented?  Tony Rust explains, ‘ We have designed our speed typing competitions to be progressive.  We want everyone, of all levels of touch typing ability to be able to take part and enjoy our speed typing competitions so we’ve arranged the competitions like sports leagues so that the elite touch typists who will reach high WPM and accuracy scores will move out of the lower level competitions to the higher ‘Big Match’ , higher cash prize, speed typing competitions.  Once a competitor has won four competitions in ten weeks they become a Champion and have to take a four week break.  If they compete after that and win two more competitions in ten weeks they then become a Hall of Famer and cannot compete in the lower level fastest typist competitions but they can compete against other Champions or Hall of Famers for higher cash prizes’. is the biggest speed typing competition website in the world with a total of 12 Cash Prize Speed Typing Competitions operating on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis and seeking out the best and fastest touch typists in the world.  The prizes for the fastest typist range from a daily prize of £5 up to £200 for the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Famers Big Match for which you have to be a BSBL Hall of Famer to compete.

The competitions are all about speed typing, but they are a speed typing test with a difference, you not only have to be an excellent speed typist but your speed typing has to be 100% accurate first time in order to really have a chance of winning.

The site has Typing Testers too – but you don’t win any money using these.  However, you do get stunning personalised analytical reports if you register with your e-mail address.  There’s also a good variety of first class typing tutors and typing and language tutors that you can subscribe to if you want to learn to touch type or to simply refresh and hone your current keyboard skills.  Once again, you receive amazing, detailed, personalised analyses of you typing performance with every one of the BSBL typing products and these give you a Sports Science level of insight into how well you did and what you need to correct in order to improve.  The BSBL training system then provides you with personalised typing exercises to help you to do this.

What looks to be certain is that the likelihood of the current speed typing record of 129WP with 100% first time accuracy being broken is pretty certain as elite speed typists from across the world learn about this unique website with multiple cash prize fastest typist competitions becomes more widely known.


You might like to enter our free Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions. It's a bit of fun and the analysis of your typing performance that you receive can provide you with an insight into weaknesses in your typing and ways to fix them. And you might win the cash prize.

Also visit The BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database contains every keystroke made by users in all of our competitions and products is analysed in detail and displayed in the Analytics Section of our website   This is useful information for academic researchers or the simply curious who are, like myself, fascinated by lists!

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About the author

Tony Rust is the Managing Director and Chief Product Designer of the Better Skills Better Life Ltd.’s range of Typing Testers, Typing Tutors and Typing and Language Tutors.  Tony’s expertise in typing skills and training goes back over 30 years to 1988 when he designed a typing tutorial for the then ground-breaking hand held computer, the Psion Organiser II.  The product was called ‘The Finger Organiser’ sold worldwide and a proficient user of the typing method could achieve over 50 words per minute using just a thumb and three fingers.  Tony then went on to design the Fingers for Windows range of typing and typing and language products which he exhibited and sold in many language variants in many countries throughout the 1990’s.  These were designed from the outset to make the process of learning to touch type easy and quick, using a ‘3 Level System’ of practice.  He has designed and overseen the development of a wide range of software products including software for the Japanese company, Sharp, and has spent many years training people in the use of productivity software.  With all of these products he says that the key to real productivity is the ability to use the computer keyboard well.  Never one to settle for the status quo, Tony recently spent ‘three and a half happy years’ in China honing his martial arts skills at a Kungfu Academy and then a year and half on a Chinese Language course at Ludong University.  During this period, he also managed to find time to qualify – with Distinction - as a TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with the Dublin based TEFL Academy.


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