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Profile of Good Typist – A Chinese Professor of Computer Science who is a Better Skills, Better Life Champion Fastest Typist

Posted By Tony Rust

Updated 20th July 2021

Highest Earners List: Ranked # 4 (All Time), Ranked # 2 (2020)

First Published 12th October 2020

In this blog I refer to ‘current typing records’ and the ‘current’ situation so in order to provide context the date of writing is 12h October 2020.

Photograph of Jacqueline Yue

A Good Typist

I chose the description ‘good typist’ carefully.  Yue Jun, or Jacqueline Yue as she is pleased to be called by her western friends, is a fast typist, but not the fastest of typists.  However, she is a consistently quick and accurate competitor in both the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions and the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions.  Each of these competitions requires a different type of skill to become a winner and Jacqueline has succeeded in winning both, multiple times in the case of the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition, and as at the date of writing she is our first lady Champion.  She is therefore a good typist, a very good typist in fact.

Our Better Skills, Better Life Fastest Typist Competitions have attracted blazingly fast, super talented typists to take part in our competitions.  The record for the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition currently stands at an amazing 162WPM with 100% first time accuracy, a record held by Sam Adam   This is ‘burst’ speed, a level of speed and accuracy that can be maintained over a relatively short period of time and this record speed (verified, like all our scores) was achieved in one minute of typing.

On the other hand, the current record for the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition is an incredible 147 WPM with 100% first time accuracy over 500 words, which in the parlance of WPM is 2,500 keystrokes.  If anything, this record is more impressive than the Weekly competition and is held by PicklePower, a competitor from the USA who is now our first Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Hall of Famer and our first Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Champion.  Both Sam Adam and PicklePower rank amongst the very top fast typists in the world today and both are keen Gamers and have honed their keyboard skills and reflexes in the cauldron of split-second video games.  Who says playing video games doesn’t give you any usable skills outside of the game itself?

So, our competitors include the superfast typists, the elite in the world of fastest typists.  These people have extraordinary skills, an amazing talent for concentration, perfectionism and dexterity; quick of eye and hand.  We then have good typists.  These people are not average typists, they are good; very good typists.  They don’t achieve super hero type words per minute scores but they type quickly and accurately

This then, gives the context for this blog about Jacqueline Yue. 

2020 she became our first lady Champion. 

Our First Weekly Winner

Jacqueline Yue, like Sam Adam and PicklePower, also has an association with computers.  But, rather than being a gamer Jacqueline is a Professor of Computer Science, based in China but currently living  in the UK as a Visiting Academic at the University of Surrey.  She certainly knows her way around a computer keyboard because her work requires her  to type in both English and Chinese languages.  For those who don’t know how the many thousands of different Chinese characters are created on a computer keyboard the answer is that you use an intermediate ‘language’, Pinyin.  Pinyin is a written representation of the pronunciation of Chinese characters using the Roman alphabet by which means the sound of the Chinese character is typed using the Roman alphabet i.e. abcde etc.  For example, the Chinese for ‘hello’ is ‘ni hao’ (pronounced nee haow).  To make the Chinese characters for ‘ni hao’ to appear on screen you set your Windows, Mac or other operating system to Chinese and then when you type  the letters ni hao the Chinese character for ni hao appears. 

Jaqueline is the author or co-author of many academic papers which she has typed in both Chinese and then in English so, like gamers, she is no stranger to long hours at the keyboard.  It’s as a result of many years of using the keyboard that she has built up a good average Words Per Minute speed.  However, that is not unusual, many people can type at the 40 to 50 WPM that Jacqueline regularly achieves.  No, it’s her accuracy that sets her apart.  As a matter of habit she types at a very high level of accuracy and this is manifested in her competition wins. 

Jacqueline was our first ever Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition winner with a score of 50 WPM and 100% accuracy, that’s 250 keystrokes per minute – or over four keystrokes per second – with 100% first-time accuracy.  Here at Better Skills, Better Life Ltd., we all thought this was pretty good.  Not stunningly fast, but that 100% was excellent considering the nature of the text which had to be typed (our competition texts are not particularly easy).   None of our team of experienced programmers or admin staff was able to get 100% accuracy so we were all pretty impressed; 50 WPM is quick and combining that with 100% accuracy got our competitions off to a good start.  (Our expectations were quickly adjusted upwards over the following weeks and months as we had a series of elite typists take part and raise the bar of ‘being special’ from Jacqueline’s 50WPM up to the astounding 162 WPM achieved by Sam Adam but that’s another story).

As the weeks went by the elite typists came and went.  Some of them became Champions by winning four times in a ten week period and then had to take a mandatory four week break (we made this rule so as to give everyone a chance).  However, every week Jacqueline took part in our Weekly competition and so she was there every time there was a chance to exploit the no-show of elite typists for whatever reason.  As a result, she chalked up more and more wins and in September

Not only did she become a multiple winner of the Weekly competition, and the first ever winner, she was also the first ever winner of our Monthly competition too.  This was launched in July 2020 and Jacqueline won with score of 51 WPM and an accuracy of 98.81%.  Not quite her trademark 100%  but not far off.

Slow(er) and steady can Win the Race

I’m tempted to try to make an analogy with the story of the hare and the tortoise, but that’s not strictly relevant here.  The hares in this story are the elite typists, those 100+++ WPM typists with high accuracy who the normal typist is never going to catch.  The tortoise in this story – if 50+ WPM with 100% accuracy, can be called slow - is a good, steady typist who, day after day, week after week, month after month, uses their computer keyboard with skill and determination to efficiently turn out pages of text and figures in a highly productive way.  These are the typists who are at the very upper level of ‘normal’.  They don’t have a burst speed, they simply have a very steady, professional approach to their work.  And it shows in the results.  Jacqueline Yue, we admire your tenacity and your skill.  Long may you continue to take part in our competitions and we hope that you will eventually enter our Halls of Fame and take part in our high prize Big Matches for some time to come.


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