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Top 10 Easiest Keys to Type Accurately on a Computer Keyboard

All keystroke data from all Typing and Language Tutors, Competitions and Typing Tests is stored in the BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database and the results of our analysis of this data is set out in the Analytics Section.

This table is from Page 3 of the Analytics Section of our website. It shows the Top 10 Easiest Keys to Type Accurately on a computer keyboard.

The highest ranking results might seem surprising but perhaps the reason could be the relatively small sample size hat we have for these characters.

Ranking Key Accuracy %
1 ã 100.00
2 Space 98.01
3 0 97.91
4 n 97.60
5 ~ 97.30
6 o 97.11
7 i 97.05
8 m 96.97
9 V 96.88
10 p 96.81