"Daiy £25 Winner Big Match Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Daily Winners £25 Big Match

Posted By Tony Rust

Daily Winners £25 Big Match

 Updated Wednesday 26th October 14:56 BST

Well, first things first.  An apology to those early bird competitors who were eager to get on with their entries last night and couldn’t do so.  The Big Match got off to a late start because of things that were brand new and which worked in our test setup up which, on the night, failed to trigger and caused various conflicts as a result.  We got those sorted out and we’re now under way.

I’ll split the commentary into two parts, the first covers Invited Winners and the second  for Wildcard Competitors.

Invited Winners

Moiz Hussain from Pakistan seized 1st Place with a good 132 WPM and 100% accuracy followed by dindondoe from India, just 1 WPM behind.  So close.  Haider Azam from Pakistan takes 3rd Place with a respectable 91 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy.  But.. it’s a long way short of his Previous Personal Best of 125 WPM and 100% accuracy. 

Wildcard Competitors

Zenode from Pakistan is in 1st Place with 84 WPM and a good 99.11% accuracy followed by Zulfiqar Ali also from Pakistan with 39 WPM and a very good 100% first-time accuracy to tale the 2nd Place for Wildcard Competitors.

3rd Place amongst the Wildcard Competitors is fellow Pakistani Abdul Raheem just behind Zulfiqar with 37 WPM and a similar excellent 100% accuracy and then in Wildcard  4th Place is Atwesh Pradeep from India, also just a little bit behind, with 35WP but a lowly 78.72% accuracy.

There’s a quite a lot yet to happen, the exciting part of the Big Match is yet to come!

More later

Daily Winners £25 Big Match No.1

Summary Sunday 30th October 11:41 BST


Invited Winners

What a turn-up!   At the close of the Big Match The 2021 Worlds Fastest Typist over 15 Seconds, shaz, from Norway, blasted in and took 1st Place with 173 WPM and 99.13% first-time accuracy.  What a score!  Well done shaz.

This left the previous protagonists for the top spot, dindondoe from India and Moiz Hussain from Pakistan splashing about in an exciting tussle for 2nd Place.  In a situation that we’ve never had happen before, and maybe it’s so rare it won’t happen again at this high speed level, both dindondoe and Moiz achieved  the same WPM and the same KPM.  This is a rarity, where a tie situation occurs with the WPM score there is often a split second difference in the time that results in a different KPM, but not here.  It was time to consult the Rule Book and Rule 10 states that ‘scoring is based on beating the previous holder of the highest score on the scoreboard, there is no ‘draw’ situation’.  Since dindondoe achieved his score earlier in the day it was up to Moiz to beat his score, but he didn’t, he equalled it.  The 2nd Place was therefore awarded to dindondoe and Moiz receives the 3rd Place Prize.

Invited Winner Haider Azam is in 4th Place with a very clean 91 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy.

In acknowledgement of the obvious glitches which everyone encountered we have made the £5 Support Appreciation Payment to all of the Invited Winners who registered.  The Support Appreciation Payments are normally only given to those Invited Winners who actually participated in the even but it was clear from e-mails that we were receiving that players were trying to enter but couldn’t.  Our apologies go out to those who didn’t have the chance to win the bigger prizes but more Big Matches are coming up in November and December so look out for your Invited Winners Invitations there.

Wildcard Competitors

It was Pakistani speed typists who ruled in this category with all three cash winners coming from Pakistan.  Zenode achieved a very creditable win with an unchanged scored of 84 WPM with 99.11% accuracy in a massive 258 Attempts.  Zulfiqar Ali is in 2nd Place with an improved score of 40 WPM and a perfect 100% first-time accuracy and Abdul Raheem takes 3rd Place with 39 WPM and another great 100% first-time accuracy – achieved with a massive and impressive 374 Attempts.  This is truly the stuff of future winners: determination along with growing proficiency.  Well done Abdul.

8th Place goes to Ali Abbas, also from Pakistan and supporting everyone on the scoreboard is regular competitor, Atwesh Pradeep from India with 31 WPM and 90.48% accuracy.

We thank everyone for taking part.  We hope that you enjoyed the challenge and excitement of the Big Match, the speed typing competition that blends the fastest typists in the world with perhaps the most aspirational speed typists in the world smiley Please keep coming back and taking part in our competitions and Typing Tests, it helps the Google algorithm to send more people to bsbltyping.com and improves our search ranking.   And if there’s something that you don’t like, or you think that we can improve, then please let us know at competitions@bsbltyping.com, we’re always open to suggestions.

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