"Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.29 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.29

Summary Sunday 20th November 2022 10:41 BST

The current Fastest Typist in Pakistan in the 15 Second Burst Speed and 1 Minute categories, Moiz Hussain,  is making a determined attempt to pull of a hat trick and win the title for the Fastest Typist in Pakistan over 500 Words.  Moiz is currently in 1st Place with a very good 124 WPM and 98.69% accuracy.  That’s fast!

In 2nd Place and also from Pakistan is regular player and continually improving Haider Azam.  Haider has just achieved another New Personal Best with 93 WPM and 99.28% first-time accuracy.  That’s really good Haider, we’re so pleased to see your steady improvement.

In 3rd Place is Bennie from the UK with a solid 50 WPM but a lowly 91.44% accuracy, but the interesting news is that we have a new fast typist, William19 from Canada.  Welcome William19, and a very warm bsbltyping welcome to you.  We can see that you are fast, with your blazing 87 WPM in just 2 Attempts.  We’re impressed.  We’re sure that if you could work on your accuracy, slow down a little bit, concentrate a bit more, then we’d be seeing your name on our Winners Nameboards and you would be seeing extra cash by way of our prize money in your account.  We hope that you’ll return and make some more attempts and move up the scoreboard.  The magic threshold is 98.5% or higher accuracy to make your score rank equal to all other scores of 98.5% or higher.

There is still 10 days of competition time to go, that’s 10 days to improve your score.  Take advantage of that and move up the scoreboard.

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