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A thoroughly nice young man who is studying Neuroscience

Posted By Tony Rust

World Fastest Typist Ranking: Ranked #9 (All Time), Ranked No.4 (2021)

How fast can TyrantTick type?

TyrantTick has a personal best score of 106 WPM with 100% first-time accuracy over a 1 minute period of typing and 74 WPM with 99.48% first-time accuracy over 500 words (2,500 keystrokes).  These are stunning examples of human hand-eye co-ordination. 

Lifting the veil over this intriguing user name, we find a First Year undergraduate studying Neuroscience in the United Kingdom called Dave Meng.  This level of typing skill has made Dave Rank #9 in the All Time World’s Fastest Typist List and Rank # 4 in 2021. He also Ranks # 2,5,2 on the Highest Earners list for All Time, 2020 and 2021 respectively. 

As far high placings are concerned, Dave is currently ranked No.2 in the Highest Earners List, being a six times Winner of the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition, two wins in the  Monthly £30 Prize Competition Fastest Typist Competition and the WILDCARD Winner of our first Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH.  He has been Declared  a Monthly Champion.  One more win and he will be a Monthly Hall of Famer, and that time might not be far away judging by his level of skill.

Dave is a naturally modest person but I can reveal that his typing skills have got him high placings in typing competitions in 10fastfingers, Keymash and the Ultimate Typing Championship.  He also competed in the Intersteno International and ranked in the Top 30 Fastest Typists in the World – Under 18 Category, a proud moment indeed for a keen fast typist.

And as this Winner Profile will show, he’s a thoroughly nice young man, and as you might expect of someone who is studying Neuroscience, he’s very bright.  One of his academic achievements was writing a research paper for a competition with a friend and getting second place for it in the whole Asia.


Growing up and changing his mind about typing

 As Dave says,  studying Neuroscience it will help him understand how those neural connections from his eyes to his fingers can be made to work faster!  (and on this point, he might find some of the data in The BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database of use, but that’s’ for another time).  However, he wasn’t always interested in typing, in fact, he says that when we he was younger he hated typing.  It didn’t help when, around the age of 9, his forward thinking mother made him do typing training in order to learn to type ‘properly’ and he found it to be hard to do and slow and frustrating and he couldn’t see the point of learning to type.  In fact, he wore his mother down about it  to the point where she eventually gave up trying to make him learn to type.

Dave’s parents had jobs that took them to different parts of the world and as he grew up a bit and became a teenager with friends around the globe he and his friends e-mailed each other to keep in touch.  He liked to receive, and to send what he describes as ‘long juicy catchups’ with his pals, as a way to stay connected after moving on.  There was something special and enjoyable  to him about typing long paragraphs, pouring out his experiences and feelings about events, and in this way typing, that bane of his life not so long ago, became an indispensable skill and a part of his life.

There was then a seminal moment when a friend of his who is was on touch with through Skype chat asked him how fast he could type.  He hadn’t thought about this before but when he checked he found that he could type at 74 WPM using only 5 fingers.  Pretty good.  That led to a challenge between Dave and his friend as to who could type fastest.  Three months later Dave had mastered the skill of touch-typing with all 10 digits and, as he says, he was absolutely zooming along a never looked back.  He had a skill for life that took the stress out of getting his thoughts into his messages and written work, and a gateway to all manner of online typing entertainment and challenges that he enjoys immersing himself in.

What other skills help you to become one of the fastest and most accurate typists in the world?

Now, our blog readers are always interested in getting down to the nuts and bolts of what helps to create one of the world’s fastest typists. Dave has a pool of interests, hobbies and skills that make his fingers like those of a magician; he is a passionate violin player and enjoys juggling, pen spinning  and coin knuckle rolling.  No wonder he’s fast – and accurate - on the keyboard.  And apart from all this, he enjoys art and cycling, and yes, he’s won prizes for these too, along with prizes for his music.  And when he’s not doing any of those things, he enjoys kite flying, wild-kayaking and writing blogs.  As he says, he’s a Jack-of-all-Trades, but necessarily a master of all of them.He reflects on his entry to the inaugural Weekly Winners £50 Big Match held in December 2020, saying “To be honest, I probably compete in other things with more determination than when competing in BSBLT things. Trying to get 100% accuracy is quite frustrating for me, so I normally limit myself to 15 minutes of attempts, otherwise I go overly competitively mad when I can't get a faster 100% and start getting really annoyed with everyone! The one time I really allowed myself to go all out was in the Winners Match when there were two prizes at stake I really wanted to win. Then the fire started getting hot when TheFleshFingers started switching places on the ranks with me, I think I ended up with about a 100 attempts as we fought back and forth. Sadly I didn't have enough steam to grab that 2nd place, but that was a massive week of determined efforts!” 

There’s no denying his commitment to something and  I can add to this; Dave Meng, as TyrantTick, actually made 160 Attempts, not ‘about 100 Attempts’, and came a worthy 3rd Place overall and 1st Place WILDCARD Winner with a personal score of an excellent 98 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy.  He remarks about the accuracy factor which  is what sets competitions apart from other typing competitions where they use computer algorithms to correct incorrect keystrokes and then provide an adjusted Words Per Minute score.  In competitions the results are based on raw skill, so you can be sure if someone is a Winner they are very, very good typists.  And anyone who is a multiple winner is truly one of the fastest – and most perfect – typists in the world.

Not one to take his gifts for granted

Dave is a practicing Christian who enjoys studying the Bible and, as he says, learning more about God’s plan for him, and admires what He has done for him already.  Altogether a very gifted young man who doesn’t take those gifts lightly, he works to improve himself all the time.  And we complement him on all that he has achieved and we look forward to his name appearing on more of  our various Winners, Champions, Famers nameboards.

About the author

Tony Rust is the Managing Director and Chief Product Designer of the Better Skills Better Life Ltd.’s range of Typing Testers, Typing Tutors and Typing and Language Tutors.  Tony’s expertise in typing skills and training goes back over 30 years to 1988 when he designed a typing tutorial for the then ground-breaking hand held computer, the Psion Organiser II.  The product was called ‘The Finger Organiser’ sold worldwide and a proficient user of the typing method could achieve over 50 words per minute using just a thumb and three fingers.  Tony then went on to design the Fingers for Windows range of typing and typing and language products which he exhibited and sold in many language variants in many countries throughout the 1990’s.  These were designed from the outset to make the process of learning to touch type easy and quick, using a ‘3 Level System’ of practice.  He has designed and overseen the development of a wide range of software products including software for the Japanese company, Sharp, and has spent many years training people in the use of productivity software.  With all of these products he says that the key to real productivity is the ability to use the computer keyboard well.  Never one to settle for the status quo, Tony recently spent ‘three and a half happy years’ in China honing his martial arts skills at a Kungfu Academy and then a year and half on a Chinese Language course at Ludong University.  During this period, he also managed to find time to qualify – with Distinction - as a TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with the Dublin based TEFL Academy.

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