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16 Year Old Maciej Ranked #2 in Top 10 World’s Fastest Typist List 2021

Posted By Tony Rust

Date: 12th October 2021

Here’s the story of a young man, 16 at the time of writing, who has a clear idea of what he wants to do in life, and what he’s done to develop a formidable level of expertise in a skill that should impress anyone in business and one which will last him a lifetime.

Photograph of maciej age 16, head and shoulder

The young man’s name is Maciej (who competes as maciej61238) and he has already decided that he wants to train for a future in electromechanical motor vehicle engineering which he sees as providing a solid future career.  This seems to be a very good choice given the future of motor transport, it’s likely to assure a good career for him.  This sort of clear thinking and determination has led him, early in life, to attain an  expertise that places him in the top level in the world in fast computer keyboard touch typing , the sustained fast typing of meaningful text  with the highest level of accuracy.   This is very different from the relatively new and much-hyped but limited use burst speed typing which is in vogue in some circles at the moment.  Maciej’s high level of fast typing ability is a very  practical skill  and will save him many, many man months of time during the course of his lifetime.  It’s also a business competence that would impress any potential employer.

Fast and accurate typing makes money

Maciej swept into prominence in our competitions in August 2021 and rapidly broke a number of records by winning 4 competitions in 8  days. This included two Weekly competitions, a  Monthly competition, and a BIG MATCH competition, taking total prize money and an Amazon reward voucher to a value of  £105.  At the time of writing, Maciej is ranked No.4 on our 2021 Fast Typist Highest Earners List with a total of £135, Ranking as #2 on our 2021 Fastest Typist Highest Earners list. Not bad pocket money!

 How Maciej learnt to type so fast – and accurately – and how he does it

So, for our Winners Profile Blog readers, how does someone learn to type so fast?  How did Maciej get to be Ranked #2 in our Top 10 World’s Fastest Typist List?

You’ll see from a number of our other Winner Profile blogs that Fastest Typist Competition Winners come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, but they all seem to share the trait of having interests and hobbies which involve musical instruments or gaming.   In Maciej’s case he says that he doesn’t play a musical instrument but he is a keen gamer, and has been since he was 8 or 9 years old when he took to playing, as he says, ‘a fair bit of Minecraft’.  He goes on to say ‘and I always ended up dying and losing my stuff to people who ambushed me when I was typing messages or in the chat in general’ … and then,  over  time, he says that he  randomly just got used to typing without looking and ‘found that I wasn’t dying so much’ ????

He then started to realise that he typed faster than everyone in his primary school class, including even his ICT teacher and says ‘I knew I had something going on there’.  Around 2015/2016 he discovered through practicing on an online 1 Minute Typing Test website that he was consistently around 50 WPM and from then on he just got better and better.  It was at this time that he says, ‘I knew I was fast’.  His WPM has gradually risen from that early, consistent 50 WPM to a stunning 200 WPM on occasion using the 10fastfingers word list which he has spent four years practicing and getting to know.

His way to improve his typing speed is, in his own words ‘ my way of improvement is more or less brute force… ‘ i.e. practicing extremely high words per minute typing ‘until I get used to it’.  This is a characteristic of someone who really wants to achieve something and who stops at nothing until they have done so.  It’s the mark of a winner.  You only have to look through our competition and typing test scoreboards to discover that the Winners have great stamina and resolve and will keep making many Attempts until they win, and that’s certainly something that Maciej does.

Maciej is truly a world class touch typist and as such we can regard his advice as to how to type fast as being expert advice to those who want to type fast themselves.  And like a lot of experts, he has developed his own style of touch typing, as you can see from the colour coded keyboard and fingers below. 

This is fascinating to see.  Maciej’s touch typing style confirms what we are learning about really fast typists and that is that  there seems to be no exact standard key/finger combinations which all elite typists use, rather they float their fingers over the keyboard according to the consecutive keystrokes required by a particular word.  They are reading ahead and changing the position of their hands on the keyboard, they are not fixated with the conventional idea of returning their fingers to the Home Keys all the time.  There are some really fast typists who don’t use their left little finger much, and here too, maciej does the same, preferring to, as he says, ‘slide’ across the keyboard and use his left ring finger instead. As for his right hand, the colour coding that he has used below shows that he is a big user of his middle and  index fingers and that he doesn’t use his right ring finger or little finger at all.  And no one finger is necessarily reserved for a particular key or keys, and once again, as the colours on the keyboard show, he will use a different finger for the same key, depending on what keystroke precedes, or follows, the characters in any particular word.

Colour coded keyboard showing the fingering method used by maciej - see main text for details

Having developed his fast – and accurate- typing skills, he says that he has participated in one or two other speed typing competitions but he was eliminated in the later rounds and never got to a final, but, he adds,  that was when he was typing much slower. Today it’s clear that he is a dominating player in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition and at the time of writing he looks to be  well on his way to becoming a bsbltyping,com Weekly £10 Prize Competition Hall of Famer.

And that’s the point of the league tables of Winners, Champions and Famers .  It gives typists at every level a chance to compete for cash prizes with the elite typists like Maciej working their way through the rankings and competing  like for like with their peers and letting those less gifted have a chance to win if they keep competing regularly.

He's a very thoughtful young man

Maciej contrasts the way in which competitions and other websites with competitions  calculate their Winners and their Typing Test rankings to other sites, saying that the emphasis on accuracy as a key factor in ranking scores makes it difficult to achieve a really high score because you have concentrate on prioritising precision.   That’s a valid argument and one that we’ve discussed with Maciej in exchanges of correspondence, who certainly uses his fast typing skills to knock out comprehensive and well thought out e-mails. 

The philosophy on this is that we aren’t following the algorithmic approach used by other websites that apply a formula to massage incorrect keystrokes into a corrected WPM figure. We simply use raw keystroke data because we believe that that gives a truer measure of the skill of the typist.  Our competitions are Cash Prize competitions, seeking to find the best fast typists in the world, and ‘best’ means just that; free of defects, very high accuracy.  And Maciej is one such ‘best’ typist in the world, currently Ranked #2 in our Top 10 Fastest Typists in the World over 1 Minute List.

The  layout of the results of the raw keystroke data on the Cash Prize Competition scoreboards displays the scores ordered by Accuracy first and WPM next.  The fastest and most accurate i.e. the best typist therefore gains 1st Place.   Any WPM scores less than 35 WPM are disallowed.  On the other hand,  in the Typing Test scoreboards the user can choose to order the scoreboard columns in any way that they want, so if they want to see who is simply the fastest WPM typist in any Test then it’s easy to do so just by clicking on the top of the column to re-order the scoreboard accordingly.

A passion for typing and all the characteristics of a winner

But, despite his reservations about our scoring system,  proficiency in touch typing has worked out pretty well for Maciej. His high WPM and perfect 100% accurate typing entries show that the best will succeed and those who need excuses will find them.

We wish our talented young competitor every best for the future and we look forward to seeing him compete for many years to come.