Statement by the competition organisers, Better Skills, Better Life Limited.

The WEEKLY FASTEST TYPIST WINNERS £50 BIG MATCH Competition is organised by Better Skills, Better Life Ltd. The company’s website is

In any skill-based activity, there are those who have average skills and those who have varying levels of super-skills. The intention of the structure of competitions below is that everyone will have a chance to have a placing on a scoreboard and that those competitors who have a higher level of skills will achieve the rank of Winner, Champion or Famer and will compete within the level that they have reached.

This competition is item 2 in the list below. It is one of four separate levels of competition.

  1. The BSBL Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition
  2. The BSBL Weekly Fastest Typist Winners Big Match
  3. The BSBL Weekly Fastest Typist Champions Big Match
  4. The BSBL Weekly Fastest Typist Famers Big Match

It is obvious from the nature of this structure that it will take time to for players to move through the various levels and to get enough competitors at each level to enable competitions to take place. In order to deal with this situation, those players who have achieved the level of Champion and Famer will be allowed to compete in the Winners Big Match competitions until there are sufficient (10) Champions to hold a Champions Big Match. Similarly, until there are sufficient (7) Hall of Famers to hold a Famers Big Match, Famers will be allowed to compete in Champions Big Match Competitions. Once there are sufficient Winners, Champions and Famers at each level then this provision will cease.

WEEKLY FASTEST TYPIST WINNERS £50 BIG MATCH Competition Rules and Conditions

Rules and Conditions

  1. There is one prize awarded for each WEEKLY FASTEST TYPIST WINNERS £50 BIG MATCH competition. The payment will be made to the bank account of the winning typist on the Monday following the close of the competition on the Sunday 8pm. The winner will be contacted by e-mail and asked to provide their bank account details and their full name and address for accounting purposes only in order for us to make the payment to them and to record the transaction in our company accounting system.
  2. No purchase is necessary and making a purchase does not increase your chances of winning
  3. The competition runs whenever there are 10 new unique Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Winners. At that time the Organisers will provide a date for the competition and send out invitations to all of the Winners up to that time. This will be the case until information to the contrary is posted on the Facebook page of Better Skills, Better Life Ltd. and in these rules.
  4. A copy of these rules and conditions and general information and feedback can be found on the Better Skills Better Life Facebook page. Facebook is not associated in any way with this competition.
  5. A Competitor is a living person who has Registered as a User on the website and who has chosen to take part in a Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition by clicking on the Weekly Fastest Typist button on the website competition entry page. A Winner is a Competitor who has won such a competition.
  6. The competition is skill based and the prize will be awarded to the competitor who has achieved the highest score when typing the text provided by the organisers. The aim of the competition is to type as much of the text as possible within the time allowed. Any attempt to manipulate the obvious, clear intent of the rules will result in the disqualification of the entry or demoting the placing of the entry. An example of this is where a competitor types only part of the competition text and then ‘runs down the clock’ in order to seemingly achieve a high percentage score. In such cases we will examine the data and either disqualify or demote the entry.
  7. The highest score is defined as the being the highest Words Per Minute score where the Accuracy score is 100%, for example, if a competitor scores 200 WPM but their accuracy is 99.99% but another competitor has a score of 100 WPM with an accuracy of 100% then it is this latter competitor who wins.
  8. The organisers have an obligation to validate winning scores and will inspect the keystroke data and the report e-mails which are sent to the competitors for data to support the winning scores or at any time any high scores which are displayed on the scoreboard. Where very high scores or winning entries from new competitors are achieved the competitor hereby agrees to be contacted by the organisers and to perform a brief typing test in order to validate their competence by showing consistency of performance.
  9. The competition is organised by Better Skills, Better Life Ltd. whose registered address is Kemp House, 160 City Road, London. or through the Contact Us form the BSBL website. If because of a communication breakdown you do not receive a reply then e-mail
  10. Our scoring is based on beating the previous holder of the highest score, there is no ‘draw’ situation. It is the first typist to achieve the highest score that is shown on the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition scoreboard who wins . If a competitor scores 100 WPM with an Accuracy of 100% on Monday and another competitor achieves the same score on Sunday, it is the Competitor who achieved the score on Monday who wins the competition for that week.
  11. The competition is based on the typing skill of a person. Any use of robot-like software or any tool or program or device which is used to simulate typing in the competition will automatically disqualify the Competitor.
  12. Better Skills, Better Life Ltd have created algorithms and digital processes which record the keystroke data in a responsible manner but will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by any fault of failing in their systems and processes for any aspect of this competition. Better Skills, Better Lift Ltd undertake to use their best efforts to ensure that all aspects of the competition are responsibly and fairly run but cannot be held responsible for deliberate deception by any competitor or competitors.
  13. The User names of each winner will be displayed on the BSBL WEEKLY FASTEST TYPIST WINNERS £50 BIG MATCH Nameboard.
  14. All of the keystroke data is retained in the BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database and will be used for any legitimate purpose.
  15. The decision of the organisers in all matters concerning this competition is final.
  16. Although we will generally give a minimum of one week’s notice before any change to the rules or conditions or prize amount is changed, the organisers can change any rule, condition or prize amount at any time without notice. This includes the complete cancellation of the WEEKLY FASTEST TYPIST WINNERS £50 BIG MATCH Competition and any and all of the competitions described above.
  17. Every WEEKLY FASTEST TYPIST WINNERS £50 BIG MATCH will have a minimum of 20 participants. This is made up of a multiple of 10 Winners plus 10 Wildcard Competitors. Of each of these Competitors, 10, or a multiple of 10, will be Winners and 10 will be non-winning competitors who will achieve their place in the Big Match by registering on a first-come, first served basis (the Wildcard Competitors). Additional Wildcard competitors may be allowed at the discretion of the organisers. All Winners who are invited to take part must Register within 48 hours of invitations being sent out or their place in the BIG MATCH will be forfeit. Where an invited Winner forfeits their place in the BIG MATCH then every Competitor who entered a previous Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition will be invited to take part. These invitations are sent on the basis of ‘first-come, first served’. There is no time limit of registration in this case, the limit is solely the availability of places.
  18. There is no limit to the number of times you can make a BIG MATCH entry but everyone who registers has to make an entry within 24 hours of the start of the BIG MATCH. If they don’t then their place is forfeit and invitations will once again be sent to previous competitors on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’ and these competitors must then make an entry within 24 hours of registering for the BIG MATCH.
  19. If the £50 prize is not paid to the winner because if within one calendar month the winner fails to communicate with the organisers after being notified that they are the winner of the Big Match, or fails to carry out any reasonable confirmatory tested required by the organisers for the sole purpose of the process of validating a high or winning score, then the prize will be donated by the organisers to a charity of their choice.