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Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.117 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.117

Update Thursday 23rd June 2022   21:21 GMT

Nonesocapable is back in the game with a cracking 99 WPM and 99.2% accuracy in just 2 Attempts to take 1st Place.  Well done.

Not far behind is rising star Haider Azam with 89 WPM and 99.56% accuracy in 2nd Place followed by Mary W with 52 WPM and 99.2% accuracy in 3rd Place and Bennie with 47 WPM and 98.3% in 4th Place.

We’re glad to see in 5th Place mithai, Winner of Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No. 79 in October 2021.  This week mithai has scored a solid 54 WPM with 98.18% accuracy. A message here for mithai: we tried to contact you by e-mail and through messages in the Commentary section of the Weekly Competition but we didn’t get a response.  We received your payment details but we needed to verify your score and to double check with you about your payment.  We can only supply GBP pound sterling Amazon vouchers and you may not be able to use that in India and so we want to find an alternative payment method to pay you your prize money.  I’m e-mailing you again so please respond.  Thanks.

That super-fast typist from Germany, Jashe, is back with a storming 166 WPM but with just 97.15% accuracy and sits down in 6th Place.  Although Jashe registered in March 2021 Jashe has only taken part in one competition, Weekly £10 Prize Competition No.51, over a year ago.  At that time Jashe’s score was a very quick 145 WPM with 99.86% accuracy, that would certainly be a winning score this week.  We see that you’ve made only 9 Attempts so far.  It’s certainly worth another try to see if you can get that top spot this week.

Regular player Atwesh Pradeep is in 7th Place with a leisurely, but no doubt enjoyable, 32 WPM and 96.4% accuracy, followed by Big Tester with 33 WPM and 95.29% accuracy in 8th Place.

In 10th Place is new player from Nigeria, Horlarz Gold.  We wish you very warm bsbltyping welcome Horlarz and wish you every success in our competitions and typing tests.  You have a very solid 80 WPM speed, that’s good, but you need to work on your accuracy to move up the scoreboard.  All scores of 98.5% accuracy and above are treated as equal so as long as you score 98.5% accuracy that counts the same as if it was 100% accuracy.

Supporting everyone at the moment is Wayne L with 30 WPM and 82.78% accuracy, but that’s with only 1 Attempt.  Come back Wayne and try to improve that score.  By clicking on your name link we can see from your User Data Page that you have  a personal best of 55 WPM with 100% accuracy in Competition No.71.  This week that would put you in 4th Place, not the 10th Place that you are in at the moment. Try to beat your Personal Best.

It's only Thursday, three full days to go so anything can happen, and often does.  Do try our Monthly £30 Competition, there’s not much time to go before it closes next week and also don’t forget the Daily £5 Competition which runs from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Update Sunday 26th June 2022  12:54 BST

Well, what twists and turns we have.  First it was the neck-and-neck race for 1st Place between nonesocapable and Haider Azam – 99 vs 98 WPM – which saw Haider storm 1st Place and  to a world class New Personal Best of 106 WPM with 99.44% first-time accuracy – tremendous Haider, well done after all your efforts over the past months. 

However, nonesocapable has a Previous Personal Best of 113/98.61% accuracy so there was perhaps more to come in this battle.  But then, multiple Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Winner glactika! re-emerged after being away for a while and blasted into 1st Place with a scorching 143 WPM and 99.31% accuracy in only 3 Attempts.  Amazing. 

The scoreboard has been alight with previous players coming back, these include kavitha appam and mithai who wear e pleased to see returning, kavitha is in 4th Place with a solid 63 WPM and 99.38% accuracy and mithai is in 4th Place with 56 WPM and 99.3% accuracy, another solid score and the mark of a good, accurate typist.

Mary W, Ella Shah and Bennie occupy 6th. 7th and 8th Places followed by Jashe from Germany in 9th Place, returning after over a year’s absence. If Jashe was to try again this week and improve accuracy by just a small amount then that would change the top of the scoreboard again.  Let’s wait and see.

Regular player Atwesh Pradeep is now in 10th Place followed by Big Tester and then in 12th Place is Horlaz Gold, clearly a fast typist but needing to slow down a little bit to gain accuracy, and then to build speed. 

Supporting the scoreboard at the moment is Wayne L in 13th Place with 30 WPM and 82.78% accuracy.  This is a long way from your Previous Personal Best of 65 WPM with 95.47% accuracy Wayne, please come back and see if you can beat your PPB.

Only 7 hours to go, let’s see what happens

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 A final thought, if anyone is going to be smashing records, think about recording it and putting the video online.  People like to see people typing fast, especially where there’s a cash prize involved





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