"Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition"

Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.138 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

Daily £5  Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.49

Update Wednesday 16th November 2022 09:24

The big news today is that the invitations for Weekly Winners £50 Big Match No.3 have been e-mailed to all Invited Winners and all other competitors who have taken part in a regular competition but who have not won, these are the WILDCARD places.  Please check your Junk or Spam folders to find your invitation and Register now using the personalised link in your e-mail.   

It’s two competitions in one, the Invited Winners Cash Prizes are 1st Place £50, 2nd Place £20 and 3rd Place £10.  WILDCARD cash prizes are 1st Place £20, 2nd Place £10 and 3rd Place £5.  All Invited Winners receive either a £5 Amazon Gift Card or £5 cash Support Appreciation Payments for taking part by making entries.  It’s fun and it’s free so give it a go.

Now back to the update

We start by welcoming Suzynic from Switzerland.  Hello Suzynic, and a warm bsbltyping welcome to you.  We see that you registered over two weeks ago and that this is your first Cash Prize Competition entry.  We wish good luck and good fortune.  You have achieved a solid 64 WPM with 94.82% accuracy for 5th Place which isn’t bad for your first time in only 3 Attempts.  The text randomises each time that you make an entry so keep trying and you may well achieve the 98.5% or higher accuracy threshold that makes your accuracy score rank as equal with the other high accuracy scores.  You’re a new player and this is your first Weekly Competition so now you qualify for a Wildcard opportunity for a place in our forthcoming Weekly Winners £50 Big Match.  We’ll send you an invitation next week. 

In 1st Place is Haider Azam from Pakistan with a world class 102 WPM with 99.23% first-time accuracy followed by fellow Pakistanis Abdul Raheem, Zulfiqar Ali and Muhammad Kashan in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Places with 37 /98.4%, 43/97.73% and 57/ 96.19% respectively.

Supporting everyone on the scoreboard at the moment is Bennie from the UK with 46 WPM and 94.47%.

It’s only Wednesday morning, so we’re not halfway through the competition yet.  Keep trying to increase your scores, go for New Personal Best and keep your eye on the scoreboard. 

Weekly £10  Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.138

Summary Sunday 20th November 2022 09:49 BST

You never know what will happen next in a bsbltyping Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competition, and that’s true of this week’s Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition.

Since Monday we’ve had Haider Azam from Pakistan has been sitting in 1st Place at the top of the scoreboard with a world class 102 WPM and 99.23% accuracy and then yesterday dindondoe, the 2021 Fastest Typist in India appeared in and in 29 Attempts took that top spot with a quick 118 WPM and 99.33% accuracy.

But.. the changes didn’t stop there, this morning, Sunday 20th November, YIHAO, the 2021 Fastest Typist in Malaysia, came in with a terrific effort and worked hard through 98 Attempts to achieve a New Personal Best of 127 WPM and 99.69% first-time accuracy to take 1st Place.  Well done YIHAO, that was a great effort.

In 4th Place is Abdul Raheem from Pakistan with 45 WPM and 99.56% accuracy followed by new player, rimsha zafar, also from Pakistan, in 5th Place.  Hello and a warm bsbltyping welcome to you rimsha.  We’re impressed with your 100% first-time accuracy. We look forward to following your progress in our competitions and seeing you improve your words per minute speed over time.  Practice makes perfect smiley

Zulfiqar Ali from Pakistan is in 6th Place at the moment with 43 WPM, which is considerably higher than his Previous Personal Best 36 WPM but his score is not above the 98.5% or over accuracy threshold and so it languishes down the scoreboard at the moment.   We’re impressed with the 108 Attempts and we can see that Zulfiqar is working hard to improve his speed typing skills and there are definite signs of progress.  Keep it up Zulfiqar.

7th Place is held by Muhammad Kashan, also from Pakistan, who achieved a solid 57 WPM with 96.19% accuracy.  Work on that accuracy Muhammad.  More Attempts will help.

Suzynic from Switzerland hasn’t returned and has been pushed down to 8th Place.  Suzynic is a quick typist, 64 WPM is good, but you need to work on your accuracy Suzynic.  We hope that you return and do that.

Bennie from the UK is in 9th Place with 46 WPM and 94.47% accuracy followed by BEATMeLoser from Malaysia with a solid 60 WPM but just 86.6% accuracy.  This was achieved in just 1 Attempt.  We feel that you have more to give, BEATMeLoser, if you returned and made more Attempts.  You could certainly be in the top half of the scoreboard this week.  Why not come back and try some more.

There’s nearly ten hours to go before the competition closes at 8pm BST.  Keep watching the scoreboard, you never know what might happen smiley


If you haven’t received your invitation or a reminder for the Big Match then please contact us on competition@bsbltyping.com and we’ll make sure that you are sent one.

 And for a chance to win £30 try our Monthly 500 Word challenge, that’s a real  test of your speed and accuracy and even if you don’t win you can try for a New Personal Best.  Best of luck smiley

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