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Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.11 Commentary

Posted By Tony Rust

It’s the return of charliegr!  In only 6 attempts charliegr ,our first BSBL Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Champion, winner of competitions 2,3,4 and 5,  showed his dominance on Friday and decisively took 1st Place with a stunning 129 WPM and 100% first time accuracy.  Charliegr held on to the lead until the close of the competition and showed that he is indeed a worthy Champion.  Well done, again, charliegr.

In 2nd Place is new competitor TheFleshFailures – hello and welcome.  TheFleshFailures  performance immediately caught our attention, with fast and accurate typing and the determination through 17 Attempts to get a good score, 85 WPM with 100% accuracy.  Well done to you TheFleshFailures.

In 3rd Place is taken by a competitor who was another BSBL Winner, Yue Jun, who was our first ever Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Winner.  This time she scored  a solid 53 WPM  and her trademark 100% accuracy.  We can always rely on Yue Jun to score 100% accuracy!

New to the competition this week is typer123 from the United Kingdom – hello and welcome – with a good typist level of 46 WPM and 100% accuracy in an admirable 41 attempts.  We admire your determination, typer123, and we hope that you return and improve as you get to know our competition format and the many on-screen options which allow you to customise the screen layout and colours just for you.

Further down the list and missing out on a much higher position is last week’s winner, misshanake with a personal best 121 WPM speed but which is to you a frustrating 98.71% accuracy – so close to the magic, perfect 100% accuracy.  This could well have been a winning score another time, but not this week.

We have no fewer than eight other competitors in the 90% accuracy band this week making up  a good field of competitors.  But first of all, let’s say hello and welcome to our new competitors this week, starting with Carmen – it’s good to see you here, and the same to sfinniear, Lei, Awobabobob, Evaxx, Daniel, Vlad and DH90, it’s good to see you all here.

Looking at the scores of our new competitors we’re very, very impressed the number of them who are fast typists.  Just look at some of the words per minute scores: Carmen 86 WPM (!), sfinniear 81 WPM (!), Awobabobob 93 WPM (!), Evaxx 60 WPM (!), Danielle 70 WPM (!), Vlad 92 WPM (!) and DH90 66 WPM (!).  Everyone of you is a potential Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition, you have tremendous fast typing talent, but you all need to improve your accuracy to the point of excellence.  And with the obvious dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination that each of you obviously possesses, it’s just a matter of concentration on which keys you are putting your fingers the first time that you react to the target letter displayed on screen.  That’s what accuracy is about, it’s the first time that you press the key that counts.

It’s a fact that practice makes perfect and our first tip to our new competitors is always, ‘slow down’, at least for a while.  Get used to the competition format and concentrate on the pressing the correct key at first, not speed, that will come soon enough once you once you have done that.

You could very well benefit from using our Classic Typing Tutor, it’s FREE to use at the moment, just use subscription code SOFTOPENING for a free one month subscription for all our Typing and Language Tutor products.  They’re well designed to provide you with 3 Levels of learning.  Level 1  is your real friend, it takes you through all of the keys on keyboard and shows you how to link the correct touch-typing finger with the correct key.  Just try that for 10 minutes and you’ll have the confidence that you really can learn to touch type in a short time.  Level 2 takes you through short phrases and Level 3 gives you graded practice with sentences.  You’ll be typing confidently, and accurately in no time.

There are over 2,500 graded exercises in the 6 Tutorials which make up the whole course but I doubt if anyone ever works through everyone of those because once you start to use the Classic Typing Tutor you pick up touch typing very quickly.

After every typing session – a sessions is measured from when you start any typing practice until when you finish – you will receive by e-mail a detailed analytical report. 

Worthy of mention are our regular competitors.  So it’s hello to Lena Hoskin again who blasted out a very quick 81 WPM with 95.61% accuracy in only 3 Attempts.  That’s fast typing Lena, you’re improving every time that you enter.  Kelly Ryan has improved her score from last week to 55 WPM and 97.86% accuracy this week.  That’s good typing, Kelly. We’ve got Charlie W and Josh Pegg – hello again to you both – who tie with each other on 50 WPM but Charlie W has the advantage this week with 96.05% accuracy compared to Josh’s 93.33%.  These are solid scores and show that you have a good foundation for going forward.  Blad the Typist has a pretty good 56 WPM speed but that 81.4% accuracy means that 1 in 5 of your keystrokes is incorrect.  But, you did only 1 Attempt so there’s scope for rapid improvement here, were sure.  Similarly Jack Garton did only 1 Attempt but showed his pace with 59 WPM but a similar accuracy to Blad the Typist; 79.19%. 

So, to everyone who needs to improve their accuracy we advise slow down for a while and concentrate on your accuracy and try our Classic Typing Tutor, it’s free to use with subscription code SOFTOPENING.

Please keep coming back and keep an eye on the scoreboard to see how things are going.  Also bear in mind that the bsbltyping.com rules for their competitions are designed so that fast typists are rewarded for their wins with the cash prize money, but there is a limit on how many times they can win.  We obviously want to give everyone a chance and so we have 'league type' structure which means that if a competitor wins 4 times in 10 weeks they become a Champion and when they do that they can't compete for four weeks.  If they compete again after this time and if they win 2 times in a 10 week period they become Hall of Famers and at that point they can no longer take part in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions.  However, they will automatically be invited to take part in BIG MATCHES for Winners, Champions and Famers where there are higher cash prizes - £50, £100 and £200.  In this way we hope to make the field clear for everyone of reasonable fast typing speed and to keep the competitions interested for our elite fastest typists in the world.

See you again soonsmiley

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