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Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH

Posted By Tony Rust

Here's the Pre-Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH Commentary warm-up!

Friday 4th December 2020 22:14 GMT

We sent out invitations to our 10 Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Winners and at the time of writing we’ve had 5 of our Winners register and 5 who have ‘DNR’ shown against their names to indicate that they ‘Did Not Register’.  This may be because they haven’t received, or haven’t seen, the invitation e-mails that we sent to them.  It’s not uncommon for e-mails to be blocked by some service providers, or to be automatically marked as spam. 

And not everyone regularly checks their spam folder, as was illustrated by an e-mail that we received from one of our more illustrious past Winners, the legendary fast typist Sean Wrona, a holder of the title ‘The Fastest Typist in the World’, having won the inaugural Ultimate Typing Championship in 2010.  Sean hadn’t seen our invitation and was concerned that he might miss his place in our BIG MATCH.  In view of the spam issue, and the fact that our first batch of invitation e-mails weren’t fully mailmerged  because of a software glitch – everything is new and there’s a lot of new software that has been written especially for the BIG MATCH – we decided to relax the rules on the registration deadline and we’re very happy to have Sean take part in our competition.

We had a similar problem with the mailmerge functions within the e-mails sent out to our competitors for WILDCARD places so you can assume that in the case of this very first Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH that if you get in touch with us then we’ll accept your registration up to the start time of the competition if we still have WILDCARD places available.

There are essentially two competitions in one in the Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH.  As the name of the competition suggests, the first is between our elite competitors, our past winners, who are some of the best and fastest and most accurate typists in the world.  Apart from awesome Sean Wrona, we have the mighty PicklePower, the trademark 100%  accuracy Yue Jun, the formidable TheFleshFailures along with the talented misshanake all of who make up the compliment of invited Winners who have so far registered to take part.  This competition is all about speed AND accuracy so it will be interesting to see how they all get on and who will be the fastest typist under this constraint and take the £50 cash prize at the end of the competition.

What we can refer to as the second competition within the Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH is the competition to see how fast is the fastest typist amongst our WILDCARD competitors.  These competitors, people who simply enjoy the challenge of taking part with others in a fast typing competition even if they don’t win, will be competing against some of the best typists in world and although they are unlikely to get to the top of the scoreboard, there is a £10 cash prize for the highest scorer.

So, there will be two groups to watch, our past Winners, some of the fastest typists in the world, and our WILDCARD competitors who number amongst them some very capable typists who didn’t quite capture 1st Place in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions.  And it looks like being  quite a a competition with the likes of KaianPepperFish who has tapped out a 90WPM entry in the past, and TyrantTick with an impressive 105 WPM, Lena Hoskin with creditable 76WPM, and then a plethora of fast typists, who, in normal circumstances would be classed as fast and productive. People like lisa with 52 WPM.  She is representative of our band if typists who are currently regularly achieving mid 50s WPM, along with competitors like WayneL, Eternal Optimist, Fast Five, Big Xiao, and Abbey.  They are all good typists but that have so far not been able to achieve speed with absolute 100% first time accuracy.  Maybe the BIG MATCH challenge will bring out another level of performance in them.  We can only wait and see!

And it all starts at 8pm Sunday 6th December 2020 with the aim that all competitors must register an entry by 8pm Monday 7th December 2020.  The scoreboard should look pretty good by that time, but it will be by no means final.  The competitors can compete all the way up to the competition closing time of 8pm on Sunday 13th December 2020, so keep checking here, and on the scoreboard, to see the state of the competition.


UPDATE Friday 11th December 2020 09:21 GMT




UPDATE Friday 18th December 2020 10:05 GMT

We saw a serious challenge to our remarkable TheFleshFailures competitor who had been sitting on the top spot when the TyrantTick launched a fast typing attack to  deposed the TheFleshFailures and  occupy 1st Place with 71 WPM and 100% accuracy.   However, that didn’t last long and yesterday at 20:01 GMT TheFleshFailures fought back with some impressive fast typing to achieve 82 WPM and 100% accuracy to take back that place. 

We’ll have to see if TyrantTick has more gas in the typing tank to regain the position.    This current score represents a personal best for TyrantTick in the One Minute Typing Test but there’s always more, deep down.  Let’s see how TyrantTick responds now that the 100% accuracy target has been conquered.

We’ve seen other first time 100% accuracy fast typing achievements for our regular competitors; both Ariel C and Liq lang have now put this bogey target behind them and know that they can do 100% fast typing so we’re expecting greater words per minute and 100% accuracy from them in future.

This Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH competition is certainly bringing out the best in our competitors with every other competitor being in the 90% accuracy band – Eternal Optimist 99.11% (so close to perfection! Come back soon and try again), WayneL 98.89% , Abbey 98.56% (ditto), Dreadnought 96.54%, Lisa 95.35%, TrickyDicky 95.00%, Big Xiao 93.30% (you’re all so close!  Keep trying).

There’s still nearly three days to go.  We still have some of our previous big hitting Winners who have not emerged to make their entries yet so the game is definitely still afoot!

Update Friday 18th December 2020 22:56 GMT

I’ve just taken a last look at the scoreboards for the night and I see that TyrantTick is demonstrating real fast typing power and has upped his game and scraped past TheFleshFailures by just 1 WPM to 83 WPM compared TheFleshFailures score of 82 WPM.  Phew!  This is close top class fast typing!

Also making an appearance tonight is regular Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Winner Fast Five who has achieved 100% for the first time ever in our competitions.  Well done Fast Five!.  Now that you too have tasted 100% accuracy all you have to do now is to gradually up your words per minute speed.  Everything comes to those who wait!


Update Saturday 19th December 2020   19:00 GMT

What a scrap we’re seeing at the top of the Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH!  Overnight the situation changed with KaianPepperFish arriving on the scene and taking 1st Place and pushing the TyrantTick into second place.  KaianPepperFish cruised past TyrantTick with a very commendable 89 WPM and 100% first time accuracy.

But that situation hasn’t lasted long.  TheFleshFailures, another competitor who doesn’t like to settle for anything less than first place, has got the bit between her teeth and crept past KaianPepperFish with a score of 92 WPM and 100% accuracy to take first place.  This is getting close to her all-time of 97 WPM with 100% but shows that she still has gas in the tank to fight back against any new attack on her 1st Place position.  Let’s wait and see what happens.  This BIG MATCH has brought out the best in a lot of the competitors so the competition is far from over!

The Final Result

What an inaugural Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH it’s been!  Yes, we had technical issues galore and even the need to pause the competition, but for those taking part and those of use just watching it was gloriously fascinating and had a battle for the top three places between KaianPepperFish, Tyrant Tick and TheFleshFailures which extended over days.  It was exciting to follow as each competitor rose to the challenge and scored higher and higher, with both TyrantTick and KaianPepperFish achieving their fist 100% accuracy scores. These three competitiors showed exceptional fortitude and determination and skill.

However… along came the mighty PicklePower….

PicklePower is a truly elite typist, one of the fastest and most accurate typists in the world, without a doubt.  He arrived on Sunday and in 79 attempts drove his score up to 145 WPM with 100% accuracy.  Stunning. Well done again PicklePower, we bow before your exceptional skill and thank you for such an exhibition of excellence and determination and congratulate you on being the first name on our Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH Winners Nameboard.

So, thanks to all who took part and who made it such an interesting competition to follow.  Our next Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH will take place just as soon as we have 10 new unique Winners names on the Winners nameboard so keep competing and that will bring the next BIG MATCH closer to happening.  And for our Winners, keep competing so that you can become Champions and Hall of Famers and compete for bigger prizes!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.  Keep safe, keep well, and keep typing fast, faster, fastest!

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