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"Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH Fastest Typist Competition"

Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH No.2

Posted By Tony Rust

Update Monday 30th August 2021  16:57 BST

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who registered for our second Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH.

 It's so nice to see the names of our past Winners, especially those who are no longer regularly taking part in the Weekly competition because they have become Hall of Famers and are therefore confined to participating in only BIG MATCHES. 

But, our Nameboards for Champions and Famers and filling up and so there will be an increasing number of Big Matches for you take part in.  And if you want more cash prize opportunities, try our Monthly £30 competition and become a Winner, Champion or Famer there too, and take part in the Monthly Big Matches.

And so on with the Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH No.2!

We're off to a flying start from nonesocapable who has put in an astonishing world class opening score of 104 WPM with 100% first time accuracy in only 3 Attempts.  We feel that there's gas left in the tank here for when the challenges begin.

This is followed by a string of WILDCARD entries, currently topped by Ariel Cel with 43 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy, and a click on Ariel Cel's name reveals that this is a personal best.  Well done Ariel Cel.

Mary W is in 3rd Place with a 49 WPM and an oh-so-frustrating 99.19% accuracy.  It's only Monday, plenty of time to improve. There are three prizes this time, £20, £10 and £5 and so far only 8 WILDCARD entries so your chances of a cash prize are pretty good.

Colasss is in 4th Place with a blazing 74 WPM and 98.41 accuracy.  If you check your statistics, your highest score was 71 WPM with 100% accuracy in Weekly competition No.61.  Our advice is for you to slow down just a little bit and that 100% accuracy will come your way. You've done it before so you can do it again.

Abbey's score is a solid 52 WPM with 97.33 % first-time accuracy in just 12 Attempts to take 5th Place.  You're very close to that magic, perfect 100% Abbey.  It would be great if you could get a personal best in this BIG MATCH.

 In 6th Place at the moment is Liq lang with just 2 Attempts so far and 36 WPM and 92.39% accuracy.

Thanks for making a good start to the competition.  We had a technical glitch or two at the start, it's a new format this time, a lot of things are brand new and are having to mesh with existing functionality but we think that things are working OK now.  If you encounter any problems, please contact and we'll do our best to fix whatever it is, as quickly as we can.

Update Tuesday 31st August 2021  16:25 BST

I know that we've seen the word 'Wow!' a lot in these commentaries, but just look at that Weekly Winners £50 Big Match Scoreboard!  Look at the effort, determination and sheer quality of the competitors taking part. 

Out of the 10 competitors who have so far made an entry, a full 8 of them have scored with 100% accuracy.

Amazing. And it looks like there are some personal bests there, it just goes to show that if you associate with those with elite skills, some of it rubs off on you.

Just in case you didn't know, we built in a new feature; if you click on a Competitor name, it will show something of their competition history. 

It's lovely to see these familiar competitor names.  Oh, nonesocapable, how we feel for you.  You got off to such a flying start, as you often do, with 104 WPM /100% accuracy to take 1st Place and then you slipped down the scoreboard.  You achieve the world class 100 WPM with 100% first time accuracy very regularly.  We feel that you can add another 10 or 15% additional speed by adjusting your technique.  We can't do what we often do, and that is to advise a competitor to slow down in order to achieve more accuracy; you are already uncannily accurate.  You get these perfect 100% accurate scores in very few attempts.  No, in your case, you need to examine 'where your speed comes from' i.e. are you able to see and register in your mind the text fast enough and get that signal down to your fingers, or do you need to examine your keyboard fingering style.  We recommend that you try our 15 Second Burst Speed Test and 30 Second Sprint Speed Tests and examine the reports that are produced for you.  If you need any further information on this then contact me at 

However, in overall 1st Place now is that speed demon, maciej61238, with a cracking 120 WPM and 100% first time accuracy. We can see that you're also in 1st Place on the Monthly £30 scoreboard which ends tonight, so if anyone thinks that they can beat maciej there then go and try. Maciej's score currently stands at 127 WPM with 97.24% accuracy.

In 2nd Place is the formidable TyrantTick, but even the TyrantTick will have to achieve a personal best to vanquish maciej61238.  Let's see.

nonesocapable is now in 3rd Place, with the amazing Jennifer in 4th Place with a good 82 WPM and 100% accuracy - no quite a personal best so maybe there's more to come from Jennifer.

Colasss, irrepressible, continues to impress with determination and he is currently the 1st Place WILDCARD competitor with a strong 71 WPM with 100% first-time accuracy.

Yue Jun, now in China, was our very first Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Winner and she is currently in 6th Place followed by Ariel Cel, Abbey and Mary W, all in the 40WPM group, and that's a personal best 100% accuracy for both of them.  Mary W is stuck on 99.19% accuracy for the moment, maybe she could improve on that.

Wowslee has just blasted in with 95 WPM in 10th Place with a fast 95 WPM but a not quite perfect 98.34% accuracy, so that leaves him in 10th Place, followed by Liq lang from India in 11th Place with 36 WPM and 92.39% accuracy in only 2 Attempts. 


That's a great start guys, thanks for your support for the competition, let's see what tomorrow brings.


Update Sunday 5th September 2021    13:50 BST


I’ve not had the time to write as many commentaries as I wanted to and that’s because we’ve been completing and improving the BIG MATCH scoreboard look and feel and other things.  You may have noticed that the Most Recent Score Column has been added, along with a ‘Type’ column to show who, in our BIG MATCH 2-competitions-in-1 format is an Invited Winner and who is a WILDCARD competitor, and other things in the background.  Also, we’ve been alerted to the possibility of cheating in one of our other competitions and we’ve had to develop some tools to deal with that. 

We all want a fair and honest competition and unfortunately, not in the this BIG MATCH, but in another of our competitions, we’ve been looking at situations involving  cheating and I’ll have more to say on that at another time, but suffice to say that the issue that arose is being dealt with and want to assure everyone that we will put everything else that were doing aside in order to do whatever is necessary to ensure the integrity of our competitions and our results and statistics are correct  .  And happily, we’re very content that there is no issue here in Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH No.2 so and on with the Commentary!

And what a Big Match it’s been so far.  We want to thank everyone for meeting the Wednesday 8pm deadline for entry, it filled the scoreboard up and that makes it more interesting.  We’re at a loss to understand why we haven’t had more WILDCARD entrants so if anyone has any ideas on that please let me know at  We sent out hundreds of e-mails to previous competitors but very little response, it’s a mystery.  We do know that our e-mails have been blocked because our server was hacked, and maybe that’s the case.

At the top of the scoreboard at the time of writing is AnnaE.  Well done AnnaE, we are so impressed.  We know that maciej61238 has been/is trying his very best to get that top spot but you, Anna, have also tried very hard in your 401 Attempts and you’ve pulled out a decisive lead to be at 141 WPM with 100% accuracy.  Great fast typing, and super world class accuracy AnnaE. 

In second place is the very able young man, maciey61238.  Tenacity is certainly Maciej’s strong point, along with super ability.  I think that the 814 Attempts that he has made so far is a record.  He’s in 2nd Place with 134 WPM and 100% first time accuracy, it looked like you had it in the bag, sealed and delivered, but AnnE just walked past (well, in 401 Attempts).  But keep going Maciej, there’s another 5 hours to go and £50 1st Prize.


In third place is zhangerbanger.  His personal best (click on his username in the scoreboard to see his statistics) is 130/100% in Competition No.68 so maybe he can pull something out of the hat, like AnnaE has done this time.  Zhangerbanger is in 3rd Place with 122/100% followed by the mighty TyrantTick who may be just resting in 4th Place with 112 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy, just one place shy of a cash prize.

Kuda-lumping has turned in another world class score of 104 WPM and 100% accuracy, just shy of his personal best of 107/100%.  There’s still gas in the tank there and maybe he can get among the cash prize positions with a bit more effort.

Nonesocapable in 5th Place  also seems to have hit a bit of a wall around the 104 WPM mark.  We’ve seen that you’ve been trying our Typing Tests and we hope that they provide a bit of alternative practice for you.  You might like to try the Level 1 of our Classic Typing Tutor to help with your finger placement muscle memory, just a thought.  You clearly have talent, nonesocapable, you just to find a way to release that extra speed and accuracy. 


Wowslee, aptly name ‘Wow’, is the leading WILDCARD competitor with a very good 91 WPM and 100% accuracy is in 7th Place overall and 1st Place for the WILDCARD group  Our definition of World Class is 100 WPM with 100% accuracy.  You’re not far off this now, we really do hope that you will persevere and gain a place on our Top 10 World’s Fastest List where the first step is 100 WPM/100% accuracy.

Jennifer – thanks for taking part Jennifer, it’s nice to see your name on the board again, has scored an expert 82 WPM with 100% first-time accuracy (we all know that typing at 82 WPM is good, but typing at 82 WPM with 100% first-time accuracy is what make a competition winner, it’s a special skill).  Jennifer is currently in 8th Place overall.

Colasss is in WILDCARD 2nd Place (9th overall)  with a good 71 WPM And 100% accuracy followed by Invited Winner Yue Jun who has achieved her trademark 100% accuracy and this time with 55 WPM.

Ariel Cel is currently the  3rd Place WILDCARD competitor (11th Place overall)  with 43 WPM/100% accuracy followed by other WILDCARD competitors Abbey, Mary W and Virginie Thomas with 40/100, 49/99.19 and 84 98.16.   If Virginie Thomas returned and did some careful entries to get 100% accuracy then she might find herself in a 3rd Place Cash Prize position.  Take our tip Virginie, slow down and you will get that magic perfect 100% accuracy – and you could win a cash prize this time.

Imgonnalose69 is a bit of a dark horse at the moment, languishing in 15th Place.  Clicking on imgonnalose69’s name reveal personal statistics showing a top WPM of 133 and 100% accuracy.  That would be enough to get 3rd Place overall, and a cash prize.  Will we see an attack on the top spots during these last five hours of the competition?  Stay tuned in!

Supporting the scoreboard, in 16th Place at the moment, is Liq lang with 36 WPM and 92.39% accuracy in only 5 Attempts.  We’re sure that if you return and try some more times that you’ll improve. 

Summary Wednesday 8th September 2021   17:50 BST

As ever, we've got a lot going and that's why this Summary is little bit later than I wanted it to be, but, nevertheless, it will tell a good tale :)

And what a story.  Let's look at the contest between the Invited Winners first.  Did you see the battle between maciej and AnnaE?!  How hard they tried, how well they excelled.  In fastest typist competitions in not only about who types the fastest and the most accurately, it's also about tenancity and stubborness and never-say-die and the spirit that makes people Winners. And if not winning, they know that in this competition they did their best, they gave all.  And they learnt, so that they could come back stronger next time.

maciej made 941 Attempts and achieved 1st Place with a stonking 143 WPM with 100% first time accuracy.  Amazing and well deserving of the 1st Prize of £50.  And close behind, with a wafer of only 2 WPM in the difference, is AnnaE who kept going and going, sometimes in 1st Place, .  Both achieved personal best results, in AnnaE's case this was 141 WPM with 100% first time accuracy.  A fantastic result and it's a pleasure to send AnnaE her £20 2nd Prize.

In 3rd Place, to take the £10 cash prize, is that multiple Winner, zhangerbanger.  This time he met his match with maciej and AnnaE but maybe next time he'll up his game.  Well done, zhangerbanger, your score of 122 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy is nevertheless, to normal typists, pretty special.

TyrantTick, a formidable force in the world of fast, accurate typing, achieved 112/100% on Friday But kept trying on the following Saturday.  That's one of the beauties of the Most Recent column, you can see your most recent score, and date and time.  TyrantTick made an impressive 120 Attempts, he's not one to give up lightly and achieved 4th Place.

Another competitor who doesn't give up is kuda_lumping who is stuck around the early 100+ WPM but with 100% accuracy.  A worthy 5th Place with a final score after 81 Attempts of 104 WPM and 100% accuracy, not quite a personal best but well done.

In 6th Place in the Invited Winners group is the irrepressible nonesocapable, just 3 Keystrokes Per Minute even thought the headline score of 104 WPM with 100% accuracy is the same as kuda_lumping

In 7th Place overall and in 1st Place in the WILDCARD group is wowslee with a very good 91 WPM and 100% first-time accuracy - that's a good score, without a doubt.  But... in the company of Fastest Typist Winners, it's just shows how good the Invited Winners are.  And that makes Weekly Winners £50 BIG MATCH so exciting, it's two races in one.

And in 8th Place is Jennifer, 29 Attempts, good try Jennifer and 82 WPM with 100% accuracy is something a lot of us would only dream off.  Thanks for taking part.

In WILDCARD 2nd Place and 9th Place overall is Colasss from Malaysia, always a good competitor.  This time it's paid off and you're in the prize money Colasss!  That 71 WPM with 100% accuracy and 62 Attempts is very good effort, and this time you got a reward.  Well done.

From China is Yue Jun, our first every Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Winner with a trademark solid 55 WPM and 100% accuracy.  Not shabby at all.  It's difficult to get a score like that.


Ariel Cel is the WILDCARD 3rd Place winning £5 with a steady 43 WPM and 100% to gain 11th Place overall.

This is followed by three more WILDCARD competitors, Abbey, Mary W and Virginie Thomas with 40/100%, 49/99.19% (ah, nearly in prizes but not quite) and 84/98.6.  You certainly have good speed Virginie but not yet the accuracy.  Just slow down a little bit and you could well be in the WIlDCARD cash prize category next time.

Surprisingly down in 15th Place is imgonnalose69 with 'just' 124 WPM and 97.3% first-time accuracy. imgonnalose69 is a Weekly £10 Champion with a personal best score in Weekly Competition No.63 of 133/100% so this is quite a surprise.  That score would have put you in the cash prizes this time.  I guess that you had a bad day.  Never mind, the Weekly Champions £100 BIG MATCH is coming up soon so let's hope that you regain your form for that.

In support of everyone on the scoreboard this time round is Lig lang, with 36/92.39.  Yes, we know, it's the thrill of taking part with the best typists in the world that counts, we agree with that.

So, to the everyone taking part we say thank you and congratulations To maciej, our 16 your old fast typing wonder we take off our collective hats.  Not only has maciej won the £50 1st Prize in this BIG MATCH, he also won Weekly £10 competitions Nos.74 and 75 - 2 x £10 AND Monthly Competition No.14.  That's four difficult and testing competitions which require extraordinary skill and tenacity to win, in just 8 days.  And he carries off £100 in cash.  That's a first in the history of our competitions.  Well done again maciej, and all the very best wishes for you success in many fields in the future.

Now, don't forget to tell all your friends about our competitions and typing tests.  We really need your support to get up the search engine rankings and to attract a wider audience and, we hope, some sponsors.  So, if ever you're online, just drop into and make a few entries our competitions, or do some typing tests.  Your presence on the website helps a lot.  Thanks.

In October we'll be having our first Weekly Champions £100 BIG MATCH with £10 Amazon vouchers for every participating Champion. If you aren't yet a multiple winner, then do try to get those 4 wins in any 10 week period and you are guaranteed an Invited Champion invitation.  For those competitors who have not won a Weekly £10 Prize Competition, look out for a WILDCARD opportunity - the WILDCARD 1st Prize is £40, 2nd Prize £20 and 3rd Prize is £10, so keep checking for more information and timings.

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