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Speed Typing Records broken again and again on this website. Typing for money is a real incentive!

Posted By Tony Rust

Speed Typing Records broken again and again on this website.  Typing for money is a real incentive!

Where would you find  speed typing records broken week after week?  Well, that place is the Better Skills, Better Life’s website at www.bsbltyping.com.  Since they started their Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition in April 2020 they have seen speed typing records broken almost week by week as the fastest typists in the world discover and enter our competitions – and win money.

The  BSBL validated speed typing record has regularly been set at a new high only to be broken soon afterwards.  The first competition was won by a competitor, Jun Yue, who achieved a creditable 52 WPM with 100% accuracy.  But then word got out about the competition and  we saw the scores move up steadily , with the first breakthough of the 100WPM with 100% accuracy barrier in Competition No. 3 by Scottish Business Studies student Charlie Greener (who subsequently became our first typing Champion)  And then, two weeks later we saw 120WPM with 100% accuracy, again from Charlie only to be beaten  a week later with 125WPM/100% by competitor Jaquise.  Then two weeks after that Sam Adams appeared and achieved 128WPM/100%, and then it was only  two more weeks before we saw that speed typing record broken by a smidgen by Charlie Greener again, with 129WPM/100%.  But then, in competition No12, this was blasted away in an epic last minute closing effort where the then 1st Place Competitor, our American friend, PicklePower, who had achieved an outstanding 155WPM/100%, was pipped at the post with a last minute 157WPM/100% by Sam Adam who is currently our new official record holder of the fastest speed typist title!  How long this record lasts depends on who Sam is able to fight off the top spot  in the next fastest typist competition.

The Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition takes place, as the name suggests, over a period of a week , from 8pm Sunday to 8pm Sunday, so it’s interesting to keep dipping in and out of the scoreboard https://www.bsbltyping.com/competitionResult during the week to see who’s doing what and at the same time you can do a quick entry yourself.  The competitions are free and you can enter as many times as you like.

Each Winner is contacted directly by the competition organisers, Better Skills, Better Life Ltd., and the high scores are validated by checking the competition data and by asking a new Winner to complete a brief validation typing check to determine whether their overall typing ability is consistent with their winning competition entry.  Tony Rust, representing the organisers says, ‘Every competition Winner that we have contacted so far has been happy to provide the required information to enable us to validate their winning scores and all appreciate the need for us to do so.  We take our responsibilities to organise fair and honest competitions very seriously.  We don’t want people cheating by using robots or supplementary software in order to get high scores.   We work hard to make sure that everything is as above board and as correct as possible .  We retain all the keystroke data and we’re pretty good at assessing what is natural typing and what isn’t.  We also retain the analytical reports that every competitor receives so it’s plain for both us ,and the competitor, to see the analysis of the competition entries’.

He adds, ‘When the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition was launched, we didn’t quite know what to expect.  Our following has grown gradually and it’s fun for everyone who takes part. Everyone’s user name appears on the scoreboard and the Top 20 scores for each competition are on permanent display. We want the competitions to be as inclusive as possible for competitors of all levels of typing skills that’s why have designed the competitions to be progressive so that the elite typists work their way up to be  Champions and Hall of Famers.  We really are getting world class speed typists, in fact, we’re beginning to attract the fastest typists in the world.   Once these elite speed typing experts have proved themselves as multiple winners they are then  debarred from the regular typing competitions but they are invited to take part in BIG MATCH competitions.   BIG MATCHES typing competitions offer prize money of up to £200 for the winner so that’s a real incentive to learn to type properly – accuracy first and then speed, that’s the BSBL method of teaching typing’

This is not a Game website, although it attracts a lot of gamers, competition fans and people who earn money by typing.  It’s a  cash-prize typing competition website , soon to be the biggest of it’s  type on the Internet.  It’s the website where you can come to type fast to win money by taking part in the regular competitions.   It also happens to provide world class Typing and Language Tutors and free Typing Tests with user  interfaces which are perhaps the most feature rich that you’ll find anywhere.  So, if your typing speed needs improving you can use BSBL’s  excellent typing tutorial method to improve your speed and accuracy.  https://bsbltyping.com/WFTProduct

The range of competitions is about to expand rapidly in July 2020 with the launch of the Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition which, as its name suggests, will run every day, from 8pm one day to 8pm the next day.  Competitors have to type as fast as they can for just 30 seconds.  The highest WPM with the highest accuracy wins.

On July 1st the Monthly £30 Prize Fastest Typist Competition is to be launched and in this you have to type 500 words as fast and as you can.  This competition runs from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month and once again it is the competitor with the highest WPM and the highest accuracy that wins the money.

But what about normal typists, not everyone is an elite speed typist?  Well, the organisers are aware of this.  Tony Rust again, ‘We want to give everyone a chance of winning in some way or other so after we’ve launched the eleven new competitions in July we have some ideas as to how to give the not-so-elite competitors a chance of going home with a prize too.  But that’s going to take another couple of months to prepare so keep watching our website for details’.


You might  like to enter our free Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions. It's a bit of fun and the analysis of your typing performance that you receive can provide you with an insight into weaknesses in your typing and ways to fix them. And you might win the cash prize.  www.bsbltyping.com

Also visit The BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database contains every keystroke made by users in all of our competitions and products is analysed in detail and displayed in the Analytics Section of our website  https://www.bsbltyping.com/analytic   This is useful information for academic researchers or the simply curious who are, like myself, fascinated by lists!

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About the author

Tony Rust is the Managing Director and Chief Product Designer of the Better Skills Better Life Ltd.’s range of Typing Testers, Typing Tutors and Typing and Language Tutors.  Tony’s expertise in typing skills and training goes back over 30 years to 1988 when he designed a typing tutorial for the then ground-breaking hand held computer, the Psion Organiser II.  The product was called ‘The Finger Organiser’ sold worldwide and a proficient user of the typing method could achieve over 50 words per minute using just a thumb and three fingers.  Tony then went on to design the Fingers for Windows range of typing and typing and language products which he exhibited and sold in many language variants in many countries throughout the 1990’s.  These were designed from the outset to make the process of learning to touch type easy and quick, using a ‘3 Level System’ of practice.  He has designed and overseen the development of a wide range of software products including software for the Japanese company, Sharp, and has spent many years training people in the use of productivity software.  With all of these products he says that the key to real productivity is the ability to use the computer keyboard well.  Never one to settle for the status quo, Tony recently spent ‘three and a half happy years’ in China honing his martial arts skills at a Kungfu Academy and then a year and half on a Chinese Language course at Ludong University.  During this period, he also managed to find time to qualify – with Distinction - as a TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with the Dublin based TEFL Academy.


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