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31st March 2023 13:14:19PM

Introduction to Better Skills, Better Life -Overall Statistics -
Analytics Section

2. Typing Test Scores - Best and Average in every available BSBL Latin Alphabet Language Overall

3. Top 10s – Easiest and Hardest Keys in every available BSBL Latin Alphabet Language Overall

4. Every Keypress: Every BSBL Latin Alphabet Language Analysed Alphabetically

5. Every Keypress: Every BSBL Latin Alphabet Language Analysed by Accuracy

The tables in this part of our Analytics section are an analysis of 19,464,604 keystrokes made by users on QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboards who have taken part in our Competitions, Typing Testers and Typing and Language Tutorial Products up to the time that you entered the page.

Page 2 is for Typing Test scores only and currently only for the One Minute and Full Typing Tests.

The tables in Pages 3 - 5 are based on the number of correct and incorrect keystrokes made by all users in the Competitions, Typing Testers and Typing and Language Tutorial Products and show the average accuracy for every key in all of the following languages combined: American English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Page 3 shows the Top 10 Easiest and Hardest keys which users achieve first-time accuracy, ranked by accuracy and set out in 14 tables.

Page 4 sets out all of the keyboard characters in alphabetical order showing the total number of correct and incorrect keystrokes and average accuracy, set out in 6 tables.

Page 5 sets out all of the keyboard characters in order of average accuracy, showing the total number of correct and incorrect keystrokes and average accuracy, set out in 6 tables.

The computer keyboard is perhaps the most important man/machine interface ever invented and yet the teaching of keyboard skills is not on the curriculum in many schools; that leaves industry and commerce without people trained in keyboard skills. This also means vast numbers of personnel who use computers at work are inefficiently typing by hunting and pecking. This suits the typing style of some people but it's a fact that if someone undergoes typing training they generally improve their speed and accuracy and can type in a more relaxed way. In short, as they gain a better skill their life gets better. It's the same for users of social media, if you can type more easily, faster and more accurately you can get your messages out much quicker.

If you use the Recommendations and Guidance that the BSBL typing and language products provide you with in the personalised e-mail reports that we send to our users, you can work to eliminate your weak points more quickly - the faster you can learn, the faster you can earn!

Apart from the curiosity value of the massive data that we're collecting we are continually looking for a 'magic bullet'; a better way to teach typing skills to people. We firmly believe from the evidence that we've seen in real life that computer keyboard users who can use all of their fingers to type are much happier, as well as generally being more productive, using a keyboard. This applies both for their work and for their personal computer use on social media, e-mailing friends, blogging or anything else involving communicating through the computer keyboard.

Our mission is to continually record and analyse every keystroke made by our users of all ages and keyboard skill levels from all over the world. You can revisit our website at any time to see these authoritative results which we shall publish here in an increasing number of tables and other display formats as we collect more information. You can help our database to grow by telling other people about our site and they, too, can enter our FREE Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions and use our Typing Testers and Typing and Language Tutorial products. They don't even have to Register or Subscribe to use our Typing Testers and Trial Versions of our products but if you do Register you then automatically have a free User Account and you receive our analytical and motivational e-mails to help you to improve. And if you Subscribe, then, as you would expect, you get greater access to our Analytics and our products and bigger reports.

Please keep calling back to see our latest published analytical tables , and let us know if you have any specific analytical report that you think it would be helpful for keyboard users to know about and we'll do our best to produce it and to publish it here Contact Us

Our Analytics cover all aspects of keyboard use and we provide public access to some elements of our analysed data. We provide further access to additional pages of the Analytics section of our website according to whether you are a Registered User or according to your Subscription. It's easy to take the next step to see more Analytics, all you have to do is to Register for free - click here.

When you Register you'll also:

1. Have access to your User Account receive which allows you to control how we interact with you by e-mail and store your E-mailed Reports. If you subscribe you can upload your own Typing Test texts (up to six tests in each available BSBL languages).

2. You'll receive our 100+ Analytical Report and Cumulative Report E-mails which analyse your typing after each Typing Tester test you do.

3. Receive Session E-mails each time you try our typing and language training products

4. Receive Daily Report e-mails which summarise your typing training for each of the first six days that you practice typing in any product/language combination.

5. Receive Weekly Report E-mails for four weeks for each product/language combinatio.

6. Receive an End of Subscription Period Report after one calendar month for each product/language combination.

Users who Subscribe, and depending on your level of Subscription, have access to the full content of the relevant pages of Analytics and will receive the Premium 200+ or 300+ Extra Premium Analytical Report and Cumulative e-mails , plus access to the relevant full Typing and Language Tutorials, click here.