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31st March 2023 13:25:35PM

Introduction to Better Skills, Better Life - Overall, by Individual Languages -
Analytics Section

7. Typing Test Scores - Best and Average in every BSBL Latin, Greek and Cyrillic Alphabet Language Overall

8. Top 10s - Best and Worst Keys in every BSBL Latin, Greek and Cyrillic Alphabet Language Overall

9. Every Keypress: Every BSBL Latin Alphabet Language Analysed Alphabetically

10. Every Keypress: Every BSBL Latin Alphabet Language Analysed by Accuracy

The tables in pages 7 - 10 in this part of our Analystics section are an analysis of 19,464,604 keypresses made by users of our Typing Testers and Typing and Language tutorial Products up to the time that you entered the page.

This section uses the same tables as Pages 2 -6 but here we expand the range of information to include all available Better Skills, Better Life (BSBL) languages.

Please keep calling back to see our latest published analytical tables , and let us know if you have any specific analytical report that you think it would be helpful for keyboard users to know about and we'll do our best to produce it and to publish it here Contact Us

Our Analytics cover all aspects of keyboard use and we provide public access to some elements of our analysed data. We provide further access to additional pages of the Analytics section of our website according to whether you are a Registered User or according to your Subscription. It's easy to take the next step to see more Analytics, all you have to do is to Register for free - click here.

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