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Better Skills,
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I want me super free analytical reports about my typing e-mailing to me to help and to motivate me. Click here to register. If you Register your e-mail address with us then each time that you use a Trial Version we'll send you a report. The Trial Version reports are free and always will be.

Better Skills,
Better Life
- do the things you want to do

We have a great range of Typing and Language Tutorials

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This is a typical e-mail report that you will receive as your record of the last session when you practiced with the Classic Typing Tutor Trial Version.

This information will reveal your typing strengths.and weaknesses. Are you better with your right hand or left? Do you make more mistakes when you begin typing, or in the middle or at the end? Which is your best finger - and your worst? - and many more personal performance related facts. This fascinating and helpful analytical information can be used to identify where to concentrate to improve.

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Dual Learning Two Language All Available Language All Available Language
Flash Card Two Language All Available Language All Available Language
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